Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The calm before the storm !

Today we took a drive up into the mountains for a little rest before the next team comes... It was so nice... The day was hosted by Vlady and his wife Tatiana, as well as Ishar and his family... our 5 along with Hank and Susan were the special guests.... We began the adventure driving up the valley, crossing streams...in our bus.... and then we took flight high up into the mountains... This brought us to a beautiful little oasis.... Then the prize.... Canadian Sweet corn... the first of the season... This is Ishar and his wife Auxanna with his son Ruslan... in this photo you can see Vlady and his nephew, Stas, .. and the old samovar chugging away on dried cow dung in the back ground... not Emma..

It was great to get to meet Hank and Susan... They have been an incredible blessing to families here in Central Asia... for eleven years they have been coming here, and they run a program where they assist kids with tuition for school both here and bringing them to the US to study.

Our girls went exploring and had a little fun with the camera....
It was great that Ishar was able to bring his family along.... We enjoyed seeing him interact with Ruslan
When the sun dipped behind the mountain we got chased out of the valley by the "draft" As we drove back into the apartment complex to drop off ours friends... we were once again hit by the harsh contrast of the day.


Anonymous said...

Hello to Ischar and his family from Ed.....Ruslan has grown so much since I was there and looks like a right little man!
Blessings to you and your family Ischar......we'll meet again some day!

Anonymous said...

Talkin' about contrasts of the day.....Happy Canada Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Grammy remembers roads and bridges like that. We called them "corderoy roads."(never my favourite.) Great trick photography Bekah.

Anonymous said...

Dear John, Julie, Bekah and Emma, So glad you got to have a day of relaxation before the team arrives! Do you remember that dynamic song by the Gaithers called, "THE KING IS COMING! THE KING IS COMING!" well... all day I've been singing it in my head except the words in my head today are.... The TEAM is coming ! The TEAM is coming !!!!!!!!
Much love and many prayers, from Paula