Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 5

It was the best of times and the worst of times......

After our morning work at the projects,

we went for a trip to the market , then back to the village... This is the location of the water project that this team was sponsoring, ... the source of the water is a home for Invalid men

that we had the honor of delivering new supplies for... I wanted the team to see the hope that we were bringing to these men. and the difference that the donation of ONE person could make... the youth all loaded up and followed us into the building to bring the supplies to the new room.... They were not prepared for what they saw... It was a difficult decision, but we felt that it would be good for them to understand just what Laurisa faces on a regular basis...

We were going to a party with Laurisa, and it is important to know that work for her is not all parties.... as you can see it was hard on the team, but they did well and soon were back up to par after a few minutes at the Holy Water celebration... Then the lid came off when we told the village that the team was going to provide the rest of the funds to see the job completed.... Like the local village says.... the water was a gift to them from God on the HOLY NIGHT..... a day that they will never forget when God revealed his living water to them..... Watch for some incredible things to happen here in the future. As they said to us Look for God to Come from the EAST

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LaJoy Family said...

Wow John! Tons of blog work today! I was touched by the photos of the faces of the young people who visited the older men's home. I am glad they had this opportunity that provided them with images that will remain with them forever. We should not hide from these places, it is keeping these places hidden from view that causes them to become what they are. It is real life, it is awful...and there are real things that can be done to improve it, but only if we allow ourselves to experience it and understand it. I remember seeing things at the orphanage for the severely disabled children in Kazakhstan that will NEVER leave me. Horrifying, terrible, dehumanizing places really do exist in todays world and it is up to us to obliterate them, to change them, to bring God's light to them. A little shock never hurt anyone and often motivates people. Good call on that one, hearts were moved for sure.