Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The adventure begins

"And we can see that God you're moving. A mighty river through the nations."
The send off from the Norwood Pentecostal Church family was exciting. The team has worked hard to prepare, raise funds and pack bags full of children's vitamins and fever medication, baby creams, knitting, swing seats, marshmallows and various wonderful things for a Central Asia. What is more wonderful though is the people on their way for this adventure and the people that sent them.


Freakshow said...

Oh yeah baby!
I am pumped for you guys to be able to have a group from your own home church visit you. It will be, in many ways, the pinnacle of an incredible 6 months there in Kyrgyzstan. As I type this comment the team will be in the beginning stages of a 10 hour layover in Moscow Airport. Now that my friends they can use some serious prayer for!

Anonymous said...

Dear John and Julie,
My dad took all these photos and video :)
Been praying off and on all day. You should be at the airport right about now picking up the team your morning - our evening. I know you will give someone back here a quick call or blog to let us all know that our team arrived ok. Hope to hear from you soon.
Love from one of the moms.