Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 10

Sunday morning we started the day early...6 am... with a trip to the market to buy the farm... We gave Aigulia the task of finding the best cow in the market..

. she wanted to shop by the best deal, but we insisted on the best cow.... and boy can she pick a good cow... we followed that up with 2 sheep, 6 ducks 24 chickens a mother hen with chicks 2 rabbits and 2 turkeys.... we will have to buy the donkey another day there was not much of a selection here....

After the market we had a chance to pack and get ready for the family day in the park... the youth team sang and did some skits, then the big hit was to give out prizes...and while the mob was busy up front, we handed out 400 sumsa's to everyone....

Then it was time for a special good bye for the village orphanage... We had some more presents for them, and they also had some special gifts for the team... we then loaded them onto the bus and had our final good byes... a lot of sore nose's, but all things considered, they all held it together quite well.

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