Thursday, July 17, 2008

Youth Team Updates

We just had the privilege of hosting an incredible group of youth. They arrived full of excitement and enthusiasm. Everything they did they did with such joy that they became contagious... The way they worked and played was nothing short of a testimony to the great things that God is doing in there lives, but we can't over look the human factor... They have had great examples pouring into them over the years.... They come from a strong missions minded church that starting from the Senior pastor down believes and is committed to the greater calling to reach out to all the world.... For years they have seen friends and family members go and return from missions around the world... they have heard the stories and they have seen the impact that these trips have made on others... They have set there eye's on the prize and they have worked hard to attain it... They have not only been inspired to give and to go, but they have inspired those around them to take a part in this adventure.... To all of you that have had a part in making this mission a reality.... they have represented you beyond earthly measure.... they have built inroads into situations and villages that have been strong holds for generations..., there willingness to seek and to serve.... will never be forgotten in the mountain villages of Central Asia... They have left a legacy.... Thank you to every one who helped us to be a part of that.
The following is a brief over view of the last two weeks.... Over the next few weeks I will tell you some of the more detailed events that occurred.
Blessings John, Julie , Emma and Bekah

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