Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids helping kids

have you ever though that a problem was so big that there was nothing you could do to help... That there is no way that you could make a difference... fortunately for the kids in Central Asia, 9 year old Julia has not been infected by that way of thinking. Here is the email I received from her last week.

Dear John,
my name is Julia and I was in the capital city in march to meet my little brother Nikolai. and I like reading your blog with my mom. I just turned 9 and for my birthday I collected money for Central Asia orphanages. I collected $142 dollars. When I read your blog I saw the kids with the soccer shirts and I was wondering if they would like a soccer ball to play with. I was also wondering if you could use some of the money to take some of the older kids at the capital city baby house on an outing. Please let me know what will work and how to get the money to you.

I just love it when I see children listening to the prompting of God... It is not so much the donation but the destination... As Julia was making these arrangements with her friends, We were unknowingly to her making arrangements for a bus to bring the kids on outings... We have our friend taking them out twice a month for the next year... this has been a dream of hers for years, but never had the $.. today she received not only the bus,thanks to Julia the money for treats to make it extra special... You know that the Orphanage staff work so hard and do such a good job with the kids... Its makes it special when we can come along side and help provide the little extra's.

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