Saturday, July 19, 2008

"And pour out such blessings that we can not even contain them "

When the Youth team left, they left behind a long list of special blessings that they would like to be a part of... They backed the list up with the finances to see it happen.
You saw the new furniture already, but what I did not tell you is that they also left money to buy food for the animals as well as money to be used for medical help for the family... there are some medical issues that need to be addressed, but that will not be a problem for them now.... We also have hired workers to help finish the projects started there. As you can see they now have a barn to store all the food as well as a new coal shed just inside the front door. We also stopped over to see Vera and to finish up a little business with her... When the team left, they left money for a new front gate, but that was not all ....out of their personal money, they wanted to support Vera's feeding program for another 3 months....$600.... they also left $$ to help in a specific situation of need with another family in the village, and have asked Vera to look after that... And if that is not enough, they gave her another $200 to use as she saw fit... She was so excited... Vera shared that this is the 5 anniversary of her work in the village... for the first 4 1/2 years she operated out of a one room apartment, and prayed that God would Give them a place to minister from.... she said she prayed and prayed and continued to pray... then after 4 1/5 years, God suddenly moved and now she has a building, a Cafe and a park in the center of town... We shared that the same time she started praying for help, God set our trip into motion,
there is no coincidence in the timing..... we are just so bless to be able to be used as a means of delivering such blessing.... speaking of which, we stopped buy to see Larisa on the way home .. we had another $250 for her to use to help kids from the dump.... video
She was so excited to share with us how the operation for the young boy had gone so well and that there was enough money left from what we had given her to have the pins removed in a few months ... now if you are having a hard time remembering this storey... we are all in the same boat... Julie and I had a very slight recollection of the story, but could not remember giving money... I think that she must have seen us on one of our high stress days, and generally if Larisa is looking for help with a's a no brainer.... I will share this whole story with you another time because I now want to show you the new photo's from
Talants church renovations....

What an incredible transformation has taken place here.... I think maybe we will have to go to church there before we go and get a chance to visit with there congregation one more time.

I never imagined that after 5 months here, we would be still traveling the roads every day delivering blessings that we have been in trusted with.... We have most definitely seen God faithful to his word that he would pour out such blessings that we can not even contain them....

Now tomorrow we have a few more loose ends to tie up we still have a few hockey bags of stuff to distribute as well as our craft closet to divide up ......oh ya ... I think PI still has a house left for someone.... Oh well .. we still have a

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