Saturday, July 12, 2008

Off to the Lake

Thursday morning, after picking up 16 from the village orphanage, we drove through the beautiful mountains to the city of Balykchi, where the team worked in 2006, and then to the yurt camp. It was a beautiful setting, the team had a great time. Except for the rain , all was wonderful.

Swimming first thing in the morning, before the VERY LONG, Beautiful drive around the lake to the beach and water park on the other side.

Ishar and Monnei, our faithful drivers, arranged supper for us: forty orders of lagman, the original spaghetti.

We arrived home safe and sound late Friday night.

Saturday is another busy day. Some finishing touches of work done at the local church in town, more on that later, then off to the mountains with the local youth, with a stop at the Tower.
This is Julie posting the blog. I can't figure out how to get the photo"s in any order and the words under the pictures. Please forgive me and hold nothing against me for this post. lol I like the pictures but there is not a full representation of the team or the village kids. We will continue and add to this adventure so please stay tuned. We also have some good videos that take too long to downlaod at this time. What alot of work this is. John deserves alot of credit for the great job he does on this blog. Thank you John!!!!!
P.S. There is a picture in there of the "Treasures" to show them off a bit. They came to the celebration at the village, Living Water Party.


Anonymous said...

Well done Julu!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Julie!

Maria said...

Seeing the photos of the yurts and mountains and flag and families makes my heart ACHE to be back there holding (and picking up) my baby girl. A piece of my heart will always be tied to that beautiful country, the birthplace of Aimana (Ellie), the place where I fell in love with her. I know your hearts are going to ache so much when you leave as well for you've had a life there now for so long and formed so many relationships and more importantly, done SO MUCH good. Know that you all are in our prayers as well!

Anonymous said...

You all look so happy and a little tired. What a beautiful place, what a wonderful experience for you all. Cant wait to see and hear all about it.Julie you did a great job and yes I agree John is a MASTER at updateing this site. Blessings to all .Love to you Hannah and Dan counting the days until your return.

Love you Lots Ingrid xxxxooo

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie! You did far better than I ever could! John, you're tops! LOL
Thanks for the pictures of my "TReasures" They are absolutely beautiful.
Love ya and can't wait til you come home!

don said...

amazing pictures!!!