Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blessings all around.

Today we had the opportunity to spend some time with our new friends Kyle and Kristy... they are the two humanitarian aid workers that we met up with at the capital city baby house . They have some friends here for the next couple of weeks from Crosspath Ministries in the US that are here to fit Kids for wheel chairs.. Any ways , we had them all out to the town area to give them a tour of some of the projects that we are working on. No Tour could be complete with out a tour of the village orphanage.. They were very impressed with all the work that has been done, but most impressed about how the kids there are all part of a big family. We had brought them there so they could get some ideas from the kindergarten that has just opened there, but instead it was us that were blessed... I say us because when you bless these kids, you bless us...... This is a photo of Kyle and Kristie's friends Joanne donating money to buy the kids new mattresses and sheets for about 20 of the beds.... This has been a concern for the directors for some time. ... and yes... she got the happy dance..... Lorne tried to stay out of the photo's , maybe because he has been up for 48 hours, but we assured him that surrounded by these kids... anyone looks great.
Of course as anyone that has been there can attest to the orphanage is a big black hole of time . and sucked up the rest of the day away from us , so the rest of the projects will have to wait for another day. One of the reasons that we want to give them a good idea of what we have been doing here in hopes that they will be able to help each other out in the future.....Hopefully I can bring awareness and support to some of their work, and they will be able to cover off in some areas for us when we go..... WE GO..........Two words that are starting to make "noses hurt" all over the Valley !


David and Jayne Schooler said...

Hey John, Julie and kids

Our "noses will not be hurting" because we are in total denial of your leaving! :)

Sorry we missed the day yesterday..looked awesome as always. May God multiply your time, strength and energy in these last few weeks. You all are beyond incredible!

Freakshow said...

Hey man!
I hope you are fired up for the team from NPC? They are wired. What a group you have coming. I am believing for crazy "freakshow" kind of impact with this team dude.