Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuition update

We are so excited for Argin. For many years he has had a dream to study at a tourism collage in Bishkek. Life has thrown so many hurtles at him, but after all these years and detours it all came together yesterday when he was able to go in and pay his tuition and sign his contract.  

The last couple months we have been working at raising the funds needed for everyone to go back to school this fall.  There has been a bit of an awakening at the farm and everyone has started moving from the past and started thinking about their future .  We sit in the cafe and dream with the kids and talk about what their likes and dislikes and what they see for their futures .. It has been really cool seeing them begin to dream .  Next was getting past all the hurtles with getting their documents in order, police checks, military certificates, medical checks, and the list goes on , but we did it ! they are all ready now.    

I am still stressing a little bit about suddenly having all the tuition expenses , as you can see on the thermostat on the side that we are a ways to go with very little time left.  About half of the funds raised so far are monthly commitments  so that puts us in need of about  $3500 right away and another $400 a month . here is a breakdown of those expences and what the various studies will be.

Please if you are thinking you can help with this , NOW is the time.  I don't want to push too hard , but soon we will have to start dropping some of the support,  something I can not bear the thought of after all the work planing and excitement we have seen . 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back in Kyrgyzstan

Well here we are in Kyrgyzstan for another few months.  We had Bekah send a car for us at the airport .  We got a chuckle out of the sign he had, but there was no doubt it was for us because how many John and Julia Rits can there be out there.  After we booked I found out that Air France had changed its baggage policy and had gone to one bag , fortunately I figured this out while I was still in the window to cancel the flight as it was no longer the cheapest flight if I had to pay extra for bags . Before canceling,  I decided to call the airlines to see if there was anything they could do .  They told me that there was nothing that they could do to let me bring a second bag with out charge and that was reserved right for premium class passengers.  With very little persuasion  they agreed that if they just bumped us to premium at no extra cost  then we could get the extra bag each. DONE, We stayed with Air France, and it was wonderful, especially on the long haul flight.  

 We spent the first day with Bekah then the next day picked up some friends and sponsors and brought vitamins and Banana's to the Baby orphanage before heading to the farm for lunch .  It was great to be back .  

Monday, August 06, 2018

Amazin Grace

The operations have been a success. Our young girl with the burned feet is healing well from the skin grafts.   It has been a long haul for them but they are so fortunate for the support of people like you who have helped with the many operations and days in the hospital.  

Our team was out visiting them today.  They were one of the stops that was from  a day of food deliveries. 

We have guests on the farm right now that are dutch family visiting from Europe. They  had heard about the farm and the  food deliveries that we were doing and wanted to be a part of that.  They told some friends that they were coming to the farm guest house and were able to collect money to do a huge shop and then a couple days of deliveries.  There are a couple hundred people that will be happy fed and clean because of it. 

They filled a truck with things like soap , diapers, pasta, rice, flour, sugar, oil and much more .  Then it was time to relax after a long day . 

Today was an early start to the day with bringing food drops to families in need Like Auxana bellow .  She is standing in-front of the new barn that she has been building  herself.

Along the way they have been finding many needs like a family who's son had broken the light on someones car and now the whole family is in trouble and had no money to fix the damage .. kids ! Our guest was able to help with this .. 

There are just so many needs that we can not fix them all  like this other family that is behind on their water bill and if they do not come up with $40 then they are going to have their water cut off.  We don't have money right now to cover this.  But its funny, Is it just me or do others have a harder time paying bills, and  If I was told that for only $40 I could bring water to this mother and 5 kids I would think that was a great deal ...   so I am open if anyone thinks this is a great deal let me know . 


Others you know that they have many needs but they are just so thankfull for what what we are bringing them that they don't share their other needs .. maybe they are just shy .. maybe when we have more teams this fall we will be able to go a little deeper with some of the quieter or shy families and see if their is some way to help them to improve the quality of their lives 

Along with families, there were three orphanages visited today as well .. more then just food, we brought a lot of cleaning and laundry supplies .. Laundry soap is something that most do not think about donating yet it is so important for the kids to have clean cloths and not spread infections through clothing and sheets. Of coarse no visit to an orphanage is complete with out breaking out the bananas .   

even the workers get a banana today at the treatment home 

 Next up was the Tokmok baby orphanage , 

then it was out to Orlofka to the orphanage there 

After a long day of deliveries it was back to the farm where Aiperi had prepared pizza  for them.  

Tomorrow there will be four more deliveries to some more families in need .  

What awesome guests to the farm .  We have been so blessed by them and their desire to help us off the farm with so many of these needs .. very encouraging.