Thursday, July 31, 2008

So It's not all Roses

So ,as it turns out, the food situation here is not exactly as Bekah had anticipated... she has been some what perplexed by what is considered "GOOD FOOD"....

She says that she is missing the Food in Central Asia......

This is the girls on Saint Andrews decent... it is very touristy, but still a interesting place to visit.

Last night after supper, we walked down to the Independence square, and had a chance to see the sights on the main drag.

Now after having a nice breakfast ( made by me ) in the ships galley, ( at the crack of noon )we are now ready to venture over to the caves under the monastery.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a beautiful picture of Julie and Emma!!

That is one that needs to be printed, enlarged, matted and framed !! (Yes, I have been on facebook. :) LOL)

You guys are absolutely lovely. I can hardly wait to see you all, after family 1st of course!

Time to relax as He leads and prepares, smoothing out the rough and hilly places. Thanks for your courage and tenacity. Your journey collectively and individually will be an encouragement for many for some time still to come.

Love and blessings,
from our four to you four

Anonymous said...

HAHA bekah! thats too funny!

she was just lookin for some chicken balls...

hannah <3

Anonymous said...

John you know how much I hate onion.


adoptedthree said...

Your menu items just made me laugh! I always enjoyed the "translations". Some were very silly like mushroom soap instead of mushroom soup!