Thursday, July 10, 2008

Embedded Reporter with Team Canada - First Report

I feel like an embedded reporter. My husband, David and I have been able to spend a lot of time with the awesome teens from Canada, talking with them, watching them, listening to them. This morning, as the team left for their lake trip, John asked me to report on the team's work on the blog. They will be without internet access for a couple of days.

As an outsider watching these teens, I have been so impressed with them - their unity, their willingness to work hard on dirty jobs, their support of each other. I have watched them interact with both kids and adults. You would be proud of them! John asked me to share pictures and stories from my days with them. I know these pictures tell the story....

Touching a Family Today - Changing the Course of Tomorrow
Many of you have read on this blog of the family known affectionately as "the farm family of five." You know the story of their lives at the orphanage and of the new home recently given to them. This family of five children and a mom have worked hard on their new farm home, but major work needed to be done. That's where TEAM CANADA stepped up to the plate.

Remodeling an old coal bin so it can be the new home for the cow that arrives on Sunday!

Getting ready for the outhouse. Bekah helps Sibiria with the final bucket loads of dirt before the structure is put in place.

Sibira stands at the bottom of the eight foot hole her older brothers dug out by hand. It took them weeks.

Building the outside facility, one nail at a time. A little instruction will go far with this industrious young man. He will retain what he learns.

For a few precious hours, these boys had "two dads" to teach them the things that dads do.

Just think what Dan and Kathy can add to their resumes - outhouse outfitters!

When the teams leaves, this will be one of the best dressed homes in the village!

Martin accepts the challenge for the watermelon seed spitting contest after all the work is done for the day. He lost to a girl!

A late lunch at the local yurt after a morning of hard work.

I hope these pictures give you some idea of the tremendous work that has gone on.

This is Jayne Schooler embedded with Team Canada reporting from Central Asia. Come back tomorrow to see part two of this report. If you think this is amazing, what until you see the "Living Water" celebration!
LATE NEWS: Kids arrived safely at the lake and are having a great time!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jane, for that update on our precious kids. An 'enbedded reporter', is that like a fly on the wall? - a very enviable position and one that I'm sure every Mum and Dad(and Grammy Pammy) wishes they had. Bless you and David for your watchful and prayerful eyes. John's Mum

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the blogs!
It helps so much to pray 'on target' for everyone and the pictures stay in our minds and in our hearts so that when God prompts a prayer it's your beautiful faces I see.
Hugs and Kisses, please, to my little "Treasures"
Love to everyone,