Thursday, July 10, 2008

Embedded Reporter with Team Canada - Second Report

The Living Water Celebration

Imagine trying to live, work and raise a family in a village with no water. We cannot even imagine what that would be like. You have followed the saga of the village and their need for water. You know how God opened the door for the finances needed to dig a mile long trench, lay the pipes and connect them to a water source. The teens raised money for this project and through them and others that provided the financial resource...God provided Living Water to the village.
Julie and Acel talk with the village women.
Just arriving for an evening of celebration.

John discusses the need for further financial assistance to the village and it was unanimous - go for it.

These kids won't forget the night Living Water came to their village. You can see the deep trench behind these boys.

These beautiful children now have water available to them. Just think how this will make their parents feel to be able to provide this essential life need!
We all sat down to a meal like no other!

The teens share a song with the village folks.
The evening's activities ended in praying for the village. They were so grateful for the gift of water, but also for the love extended to them.

This is Jayne Schooler, reporting in for John Wright and company. The group returns late tonight and has yet more work and ministry on Saturday!
Since John allowed me this time on his blog, my husband, David and I want to tell you that John, Julie, Emma and Bekak have touched our lives in a most marvelous and lifechanging way. We will never be the same as a result of knowing them. I plan to write about it later and ask John permission to put it on his blog as I will on mine. All of them, John, Julie, Emma and Bekah have incredible days of ministry ahead. Our prayer is that God will prosper them and give them the desires of their hearts....Bless you big time, Wright family!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reports! We are excited with you! God is with you! Praying for you lots, Your Chapleau Friends

Hilary Marquis said...


Thank you for the amazing updates. What a God we have! By the way, you can "guest report" on my blog ANYTIME :)

Anonymous said...

Always great to hear ongoing reports .. thank you!

Life change for those being given access for water and also for those providing the means!

Blessings and we continue to pray for all of you


PS. We miss you big time Kristy!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing it is to be the hands of God extended in bringing lifegiving water and "The Living Water" so that their souls need thirst no more either.

Thanks again to the Wright Family and our Norwood Team....We're so proud of you and miss you all.

Love and blessings!
The Bencic's

Anonymous said...

We are praising God that Iskra village has water!

Freakshow. said...

High quality H2O!
Now you got something!
Thank you Norwood Church for raising the funds...
Pastor Ron are the bomb!