Monday, September 22, 2014

fun in the city.. Happy Birthday my young friend

We started today with  couple meetings, one being a planing meeting with Larissa, we start the new roof on the iskra hospital tomorrow . Then it was off to Emma and Jengishes for lunch.  This evening we went out to one of the orphanages and picked up 4 boys and took them to Bishkek to celebrate a birthday .  We went bowling , then out for supper.. we went to a sushi place and had Sushi, pizza and french fries ..   More food then you could imagine, but they ate it all.  When we got down to the end we played rock paper scissors to see who had to eat the last one .. They all had such a good time ,, it is so hard to be cool with a mouth full of wasabi

Bekah showing fine form

waiting with anticipation 
learning how to work chop sticks 

Roma just won a round of Rock paper scissors 

a little too much wasabi for Amir 

one final roll for Amir 

that one was hot 
Many of you will remember a cart driver friend I had at the bazar here that died about 5 years ago.  He had a young son that would always watch for me and help me out.. I got a call from him today asking if he could come see me .. it has beem about 5 years since I have seen him. He was very shy to speak, but finally we got out of him that he was looking for work .    Fortunately we have work for him at the medical clinic, and that will give us an opportunity to re build the relationship we had and see if there is more we can do .. so many questions,but they will be answered as the relationship is built..  He has no place to stay right now so we will start with him staying with us until we help him sort things out .
We try to help those we can, and it has been a long time since he has been in our lives, but I just know that he is here for a reason, and feel a special connection to him having been a friend of his fathers.  If you think about it, say an extra little prayer for my young friend  Elmir. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Preparing for winter

Today Julie and Acel are joining many others at a conference organized by those at LAMb International.  and their efforts with World  Without Orphans  ( WWO)                                                 WWO presents a conference to share the needs of the orphans in Central Asia. This conference is to focus on vulnerable children and their need for solid and meaningful relationships with adults who understand that each child has a purpose: Jeremiah 29:11. Pray for a good result and a movement of adoption within the countries of Central Asia!

Back in Tokmok the work continues .  We stopped over to the hospital project to meet up with Vlady, then went over to the garage where we cleaned it up and built some shelving.  One section for storage, then a long counter top for a place to assemble care package,, sort Vitamins and clothing etc. Next we cleaned out the cold cellar and fixed the stairs . 

Emma and Jengish  at the old waiting area for the baby hospital 

Vlady is busy bricking up the front of the new waiting room .  the inside will be dry walled , and three windows and a door will be added .  

Garage is all cleaned out, shelves in and ready for supplies 
We have had some money come in to buy food now while it is cheaper,  So tomorrow we will start stocking the shelves.  Being able to buy in bulk, we will be able to get so much more bang for the buck.  This will be great for the girls through the winter, as the orphanages and families and students  in need are hungry, the girls will be able to respond right away .  If any of you are interested in helping with this,  You can donate now, and I will check the Paypal and Canada Helps before we go.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A big day for Buba Maria

We live next door to a sweet old Babushka, in fact we even use one of her rooms that we are connected to through the common balcony.  Despite being 89 years old and having no family left, she does remarkably well at caring for herself.  Some of the tasks like shopping and paying bills have started to become a challenge for her, so the girls have been helping with that . , Her biggest difficulty is that she can not see much more then shapes and figures .  Bekah shared her situation with everyone over at Possibilities International and was able to get sponsors to go for an eye exam in the city to see if there was anything that could be done. 

This morning was the big day.  Emma brought her to the eye Dr and they ran a bunch of different tests to determine what the problem is.  It was found that she currently has 7% vision.  and that no glasses will be able to make her vision any better.  But there is an operation that she can have , a cataract operation could be done , Her health is good, there are some meds they would like to have her take  for a couple months so that she would have optimum success, then the operation could be done as an out patient, and she could be home the same day.   The cost for the meds and the operation for both eyes would be around $1000.  

Maria did not see this as good news, but saw this as the impossible. Emma tried to explain to her that this is good news and that she could see again, but for an 89 year old pensioner this was the same as telling her that she will never see again and the little sight she has will be gone soon.  We talk about hope and the power that hope brings .. I always see hope as such a positive factor, but I am reminded again the destructive force of "NO HOPE" .. 

This sweet old Babushka to our girls here has a chance at being able to see again .  Emma has convinced her to start on the meds, she will have Dr Tatyana help with this, and told her that we will "lift up our eyes to the mountains to where our help comes from" and believe with her that something will happen that she will see again 

How old is too old .. at 89 years old  she may have lost hope, but " yet we are confident that Buba Maria will see the Lords goodness while she is here in the land of the living ".. that would be such a glorious thing 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

working around the apartment today

Today Emma had school in the morning, then met with one of her kids that she meets with once a week to bring the weeks food money .  $10 a week she gives.   After school she was helping our Babushka neighbor.  I had given her a few bottles of chili sauce, and now Buba Maria wants to make a few batches herself.. using my recipe, so Emma had the chore of doing all the shopping .  
  Today was an at home work day for Jengish and I .

Our back balcony is used as a hall to the girls room, a storage room, and the shelf at the end of the hall is where we distribute Vitamins from.  The problem is that the balcony is not heated or insulated.. until now.  We insulated the floors and the walls today  and put in in floor heating. 
Every one knows that the first step is to get your game on .. This is what Jengish is trying to achieve.

all done .. hopefully a little warmer for the girls this winter 
Meanwhile Vlady is busy at the hospital bricking the front of the new medical clinic, and this afternoon Emma and Kamala were busy with Homework club.  

new root cellar / storage garage

The last few weeks we have been busy making preserves for the winter , Tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, zucchini raspberries .  We have been bottling them all for the months to come.   
Every year as we are approaching winter , I am amazed at how cheep the potatoes and carrots are, but in a few short months, they will become almost 4 or 5 times the price.  Garlic and cabbages is another crop that is very cheep right now but will become very expensive shortly  .

part of a delivery of carrots for families in need 
Today we have acquired a garage / root seller that will save us a lot of money in the years to come .  
the garage was purchased for  $370  and will be such a help for us .  The upper level we will be able to sort bags , put together food hampers, organize vitamins and clothing , all the things that we are doing in our balcony. There are stairs down to a root cellar that is big enough to hold about 5 tons of  vegetables 

sergey opening the door for us 

the stairs go down to a huge basement cold cellar 

This is the garage section of town 
As we begin organizing the upper storage area we wait in anticipation to see Gods provision of funds to take advantage of cheaper produce for the winter .. a $400 investment now will be worth a couple thousand by Christmas.

Friday, September 12, 2014

shopping and coal

This morning we were so happy to be able to get the rest of the clothes we needed for the kids at Emma's orphanage, and the day just kept getting better and better.  It was cold last night , and although I personally love the cold nights, It concerns me when I think about all the seniors at the seniors home. They can't handle the cold .  Before heading out to  go shopping for the kids, I did a quick update on Facebook about the cold nights, and through our the day funds began to come in , and by the end of the day we were able able to get the first of three loads of coal for them .  

this guy is great , we give him a list and he runs around and gathers up everything we need and charges us in most cases 1/2 the regular rate.. what a great way for us to shop for the kids.

only a few kids home when we got to the orphanage,but they were sure happy to see us

they sure love Emma 

We got there just as they were unloading the coal train. This was just the type of coal that they like at the seniors home . It is from a special mine in Kazakhstan and burns the best in the water boiler at the seniors home .  

The train drives out on this long raised track, and the coal is then dumped out each side where the trucks are waiting .. They fill up here and go to another area of town to wait for people to buy the loads from them .. buy going directly to the site and purchasing the coal from the yard and hiring the truck to deliver for us, we are able to save $16 a ton. 

all loaded up and on its way 5.6 tons in this load ... thanks everyone