Thursday, June 13, 2024

Fathersday Scholarship fund

 Things kind of got away on me this year with regards to Fathers day.   My biggest reminder that it is coming up is that I have started to get some requests for TUITION suport for several of the kids we know. 

Now is when the kids are enrolling into collage and university, and with it the tuition payments are due.   Depending on the school and the program, many of these tuitions range from about $500 to $1000  for the year.   the numbers are in and this year We are looking for about $15000 to be able to cover for those we have alredy started suporting and those that have asked that we start suporting this year.

So if you are trying to thinks of something to get dear old dad, why not make a donation on his behalf.  It is allso an opertunity to make a donation in memory of your father .   This is an opetunity to bless a child who has not had the benifit of a loving father and is trying to make it on their own.  

Monday, June 10, 2024

And so it Begins !

It's always a blessing when a load of coal arrives but it's a little extra special when it is the first load of the season.   It is  an answer to prayer to those we deliver to.  Every year the number of families we find in need seems to grow, yet every year I wonder if we will be able to do this another year. 

One truck load at a time ... This is the first of an estimated 30 truck loads for the season .  It is kind of a boring video of the truck arriving yet somehow I am almost in tears by the end.  As I watch this I think of all the people and all the stories of hard ships and the rielif that this brings.  So it may be just a dump truck turning around, but it reperesents so much more . 
It is going to take a few days for this to be bagged up and stacked in the barn .. this will give me a few days to raise the funds for the next load .. As the funds come in we send $1000 cdn  at a time for the next load .. right now I have $270 in so we need another $730 in the next few days to be able to keep this going. Please consider how you can help.

Today Sergey delivered my car to Vera and Oleg ... But first a stop to get it all washed and ready for them to use until we are able to sort out what they are going to do.

They were able to get their car rolled back over, th broken glass removed and running again  then Sergey brought it back to the farm to start working on it .. not sure if it is fixable or if it will be sold off for parts, and we will help them replace it . 

In a few days we will have a large travel team at the farm for about a week. The boys are down to the wire cleaning and painting the kitchen / dinning room .  Next up they will paint the floor and put everything back in.

The final trim is being put on the outside counter and sink area .

While the work is being done inside Olivtina has a few boys and is carefully washing and sanitizing everything before they put things back together. 

Julie is still in Newfoundland looking after Amelia until they are able to find Day care .. It has been a big job forr her since her little

boss can be rather demanding, but at the same time she is blessed that she is able to do it.  In a few weeks , Julie and I will meet up in Toronto then fly to Santa Rosa Beach for the weekend.  We will be meeting with a team that will be cominhg to Kyrgyzstan this fall, then attending an international missions Day at New Life Church .. we are looking so forward to this.  Monday we will fly back to Toronto and Julie will catch a conecting flight back to Newfoundland to resume her duties after the long weekend.  

Friday, June 07, 2024


This weekend the boys are taking a little break from the work at the farm, and have headed up to the camp.  Their goal this weekend is to dig two out houses and bury a water pipe about 1/2 a mile through the mountain.  

It is a lot of work through the rock, but it will be nice to have running water.  who knows, we may end up going there to get water for the rest of the farm.

before they left last night they got the first coat of paint on the kitchen .

The sink has been installed in the counter . 

We had some difficult news this morning from Vera and Oleg.  They had an accident this morning on their way to the orphanage.  They are ok but their car not so much.

I was able to reach Sergey when he came out of the mountain.  He has contacted them and on Monday he will bring them our car and take theirs back to the shop to see if there is anything we can do .

1. They are not hurt,   2. Sergey is there and can help them, and   3. We have a car there that we can lend them.... OK so thats THREE GOOD THINGS.  

   Praying for peace for them at this difficult time . 


Thursday, June 06, 2024

Work .. and a little play.

 So please to say that enough money has come in that we could order the first load of coal for the season .  They expect delivery on Monday or Tuesday.  As soon as they get that bagged and into the barn we will give an update and see how much more money we will need to get the next load of coal.. 

While Zac is welding the panels for the playground fence, the boys are busy doing some renovations on the outer kitchen at the main house. 

Starting with some new parging on the outside wall , and cleaning up the padoc along the back.

The out side sink was starting to fall apart and the wood was starting to rot and the doors were falling off... So all that has been removed . They welded a metal frame then poured cement and have put tiles on the counter and back splash.  Soon the sink will go back in and this will be a great spot for washing and preparing the produce from the garden.

Inside they have scraped all the loose plaster off and re cemented the walls where needed .

We had a Kazan oven on the back wall but never used it anymore since we built a bigger one outside with a cover .

The back up water tank will stay .  It is connected to the water in the house and provides the water when there is none in the village .

Tomorrow they will start repainting everything .   It should be nice and fresh for the teams coming in a couple months.  

It's so nice to stop every now and then and admire the beauty of Kyrgyzstan.. and what better way then to head up into the mountains on the horses..

Monday, June 03, 2024

Time to start buying Coal

  Believe it or not, it is time to start preparing for coal for the winter .  Last year we provided  over 300 tons of coal for families in need as well as institutions , seniors homes and rehabilitation centres .   The average family recieved 1 ton , and as needed we delivered another 1/2 ton later in the winter.  The majority of those we deliver to are seniors and families whos care givers are disabled.   As I went home to home last year I heard some of the most heart wrenching stories .  In fact many of them stuck with me over the winter.  I was blessed that I was able to send our friends at the farm back to check in on them through out the winter.

Right now  our barns have no coal left in them .  We have been colecting fir wood that is used to start the fires, and is given with the coal, but we don't have coal .  Now is the time to buy it.  The demand is down , so the price of the caol and the price of the delivery to the farm are both signifigantly down.. If we can purchase coal now we can make a huge difference to those we are tring to help.    This is what our barn need to look like in before delivery season.

Please consider making donation Now so that we can make as great an impact as we can with the resorces we have. 


Saturday, June 01, 2024

Play ground mural taking shape

 It is so great to see families and others from the community working on the play ground .

It's coming along great.  I am sure that the kids are going to love it.  They still have a bit more to do next weekend , but today was an awesome start.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Update on Roof repairs needed

 We are doing great with the many needs that I have shared the last few weeks .  As soon as the funds transfer through the banks , our friend will be getting his new to him tractor.   The fence material has arrived and in a couple days the installation will begin at the playground .  We managed to find the breaks and repair and replace the plugs in the village water supply.  

One thing we have not had any movement on is the roof at the Kashar .  Just in this last month we have had 99 guests , many sponsored .. enjoy their stay .. the months not over , maybe we will hit 100.  
But that said, we really need to get started on replacing the old part of the roof .   We are looking for $1000 for the materials to get started .  Starting next week we have two weeks with out bookings as we have shut down and hoping to get the repairs done ..   We would be blessed if you would like to help with this need.  These repairs were not expected, but I know we can do them.

Monday, May 27, 2024


The gardens are now all in at the farm.  Some of the plants were planted from seed directly into the garden , but others were started in the green house and have just been moved out.   With the water shortages coming up this year we have had to be a little more strategic with the planting.  We are setting up an irrigation system that we can refill from the river if needed .. we have also put mulch around the plants so that they retain the water.    

We have focused mainly on the produce that we can store for the winter .. pickled beats, pickled peppers, zucchini, Tomatoes and egg plants.

We have a small kitchen garden close to main house where we have all the other garden items . .. peas, beans, salads, radishes, carrots and onions . 

Some of these rows are marigolds that will be transplanted around the garden where needed to help to control the bugs  

We have also expanded the raspberries and the strawberries since they do not take as much watering . 

Thursday, May 16, 2024

An oppertunity to bless a family

Today was a great relief on a couple fronts .. the guys have been working to find the problem with the town water, and today they found a blockage in the pipe.  They were able to fix it and tomorrow will replace the 40 feet of constricted pipe they found a few days ago.  

The really good news is that the tractor is fixed and in it's at qy back home .  This could have been up to a couple thousand dollars and months of fighting to find th parts .. but some used clutch plates and some new seals were found and we are back In Business for just $200. The tractor had made it's return across the mountain. 

A couple days ago we had someone come to us looking for help to buy a tractor 

They have a large family and have a large farm growing raspberries and strawberries.  But to grow enough to support his family the garden is too big to care for by hand 

They tried to get a bank loan for the tractor but with the interest rates of up over 20%. It is just too much for them .  As a last resort before giving up the farm , he is hoping that we can find him a micro loan .  

They are looking for $2000.   If anyone would like to help with this .  What we would offer is an interest free loan  with monthly payments geared to income .  and the loan when paid back would be used as a loan to another need for someone else  that we come across. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Finding the problem

This week the boys have been working on the village water supply.  They have managed to get the water flowing again , but they did find one big problem.

There was a section of a mud slide wash out a few years ago .  The section of pipe replaced was replaced with a hose rather than the original 5 inch pipe .. and even then the pipe has been repaired a few times causing a significant reduction in water volume 

 What needs to happen is a 40 foot pipe needs to go in and be reinforced coming across the wash out .   So basically we are looking at about $250 to restore adiquet  water to the village .. this would benefit so many in the village besides us at the farm. 

The tractor made it over the mountain last night and today they are taking it apart to figure out what is needed for repairs .. I will keep you posted.