Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whats important is that he is HOME !

I would like to tell you a story..   "This is happening now" seems to be a phrase that we see a lot these days on Facebook . Well we have a real life, real time "happening now" event, but first I would like to take you back 6 1/2 years to a time that seemed more innocent, or at lest we just did not have the same grasp of the language .  This is the story of Jannybek 

We had a sponsor that donated funds so that we could bring new shoes and soccer outfits to all the kids at the orphanage.   This day we set the kids up in stations and had crafts, games, snacks, and one station they were able to choose new shoes .. the room was set up just like the bazaar .  It was an incredible day, one that we were sure that they would never forget.  One of those children was Jannybek. .. Jannybek lived at the orphanage for another couple years, then finished school and left the orphanage.  He was able to find a place to live, looking after an old lady.. he cared for all her needs for four years , in exchange he would have a place to live. Last week life as he knew it took a terrible turn. The son of the Babushka came to the house and said that Jannybek needed to get in the car and they were going for a ride .  That night he found himself living in a chicken coop on a chicken farm in Kazakhstan where he had been sold into slavery.  He questioned how he could give such love and care  for all these years then this happen  .   He was held at the farm  for only four days before he managed to escape.  it took a couple days for him to make his way back to the boarder crossing where he hid inside the back of a transport truck and was able to sneak back into Kyrgyzstan .  Once he got here he went strait back to the first person he knew he could trust ,  That was the director of the orphanage he came from.  This morning he completed his journey and returned to the orphanage looking for help.  He is 22 years old now, so he could not stay there, but the director contacted us .  They were wondering about the possibility of him coming to live at the farm .  When they mentioned this to Janybek he was very relieved.  He said that he remembered us well.  
We have no idea at this point if it will be a few days , a few weeks or months or even a few years that he will be at the farm, but here and now this is unfolding, and he is safe .. It has been a long terrible week for him , and our hearts just break for him .  We are just so blessed that we can help, and so thankful to all of you who have purchased food shares from the farm so that we CAN help at a moments notice. 

Emma snapped this photo just moments after they picked him up on the way to the farm .. He was asleep in the car .. She said to us " wouldn't you think that going somewhere new he would be to excited to sleep", but we realized that for him, all that maters is that IT'S OVER.. he is safe  and he is with people that he knows and trusts, and that he has a history with .. what ever the future holds at this point is not the important part.. whats important is that he is HOME...

How can we express our gratitude to all of you who have had a part in this story..except a wholehearted God bless you ...  

Friday, November 14, 2014

OK so they all had a good laugh !

I went in to catch a goose to show the boys, got my feet tangled in the grass and down I went .. oh so funny people !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Here is what I would love for my Birthday..

I can not begin to express how grateful we are to everyone that has supported the last few weeks getting ready for winter here in Kyrgyzstan. Coal, coats, winter shoes, blankets, food hampers and so much more. The problem is that the needs are just so great here .
Many try to figure out things on their own with out help, but now that winter has hit, they realize that they need help, they can't wait any longer and then they contact us. The needs just keep coming in; here is the latest.

The Red River orphanage is looking for winter boots for the kids; 120 pairs they need.   They do have good running shoes that they can use as in door shoes, but the kids have to walk and play in the compound to get from dorms to class to cafeteria and sometimes they do get to go on outings. They need boots .

I can get good boots here for about $10 each .. Today is my birthday , and  I was just thinking that a pair of boots for me to give to one of our young friends at Red River would be an awesome birthday gift .. now I just need 120 of you to agree and celebrate with me. :) :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

To the farm with friends

Today was a busy day at the farm .  Jengish was making rabbit hutches, and a friend of ours came out and is replacing all the electrical wiring and outlets for us .  Even putting in a new panel box and meter box.  As well we picked up a couple long time friends of ours from one of the orphanage.  They  came for a visit t the farm then back to the apartment to make pizza and montie, their two favorites 

bunnies checking out their new nesting boxes . 2 inside and one playing on top 

a beautiful drive to the farm

Even the barn and the outhouse are getting lights and plugs 

Kodushka was happy to see people .. he came right over for a snuggle 

Cinnibun was content as well

not so sure about the goose though 

the chickens got a turn as well 

Borsolk has been under the weather the last few days .. I think he had too much ploff at the birthday party, but today was up and around and happy to see Emma 

No one is too sure of the BIG rabbits , eventually the boys warmed up to them 

Meanwhile the guys kept working .. this is such a blessing to have done for us 

some more view on the way home 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More coal requested to help those in need

We have found that a great way for us to help families in need is to set up a coal depot in the villages , then we can reach those in need when the situation becomes desperate.  

We have lived this in Canada ,, I know the feeling when the last stick of wood is put in the fire, the cupboard is bare, the car is dead in the drive way ... I also have experienced Gods provision when with out even sharing our situation,  a truck pulls up into out drive way with a back full of firewood, a box of groceries, and a full gas can for the car.... We call this our wilderness training , and that must be why our hearts break for the struggling families here.  That and the fact that I hate the cold makes me feel almost desperate this time of the year. 

Larisa helping to bag coal for delivery to individual families 

We have already delivered 43 tones of coal, warm blankets, food hampers, new and used coats, for which I am so thankful.   Some times I even question myself if I will ever just rest and be satisfied, but then the needs keep coming .. Two more villages we work with have asked for help for coal ..
 Podgorna (city under the mountain ) is the location of an outreach work we poured into last year.  We had two teams work on the center we purchased for them.  We have been sporting monthly with community projects there since then.  They need coal for the center, and to be able to help those around them when the situations are desperate.    This location I had overlooked as it was new and not on my list. 

The second location is in the same village as the seniors home.  I had facilitated coal in the past when a sponsor had send money specifically to support this single mom who has taken in several kids and volunteers at an orphanage there .  She  has a center where people can get help as well, but we have just been told that she has no coal this year , and could we help. 

If we could bring 4 or 5 tones to each of them, that would be such a blessing to those to villages . and the people doing incredible work there to bless others.  The total we would need for this would be $680 U.S. 

Shoes , coal, coats and food packets more winter preparations

Last night we had the girls over for supper .  they were so pleased that I had made Monti .. a traditional meal that everyone loves here .  

the monties are like meat filled pasta that is cooked in the big steamer 

we also had a pot of Chinese soup

they had a great time 
   Today we had a lot of running around to do .. One of the stops was to meet up with my coal man and pay him for the coal for the seniors home and give him directions .  we actually had to get in the back of the car with the tinted windows to make the drop . 

The next stop was to the mens home to deliver the first 50 pairs of shoes .  

Larissa was inspecting the quality 

They passed.. they are fur lined , waterproof, and have a felt insulated bottom 

this is what they were Waring ..  The first man to get a new pair 

they fit him great 

what a great blessing today was .. a greater blessing came when we told them that there is another 200 pair coming next week 

excited men waiting their turn for their shoes 

Next up , we have some more coats to deliver as well as some more food hampers .. 

I was just called, and we have a couple more places that are looking for help with coal, both of them would like to have coal so they can give help to those in their community .. we are looking for 8 tones to cover this we need another $680 this batch I will wait and purchase as money comes in .. we can do 4 tons at a time