Tuesday, October 21, 2014

what to do on a rainy day

Today was a rain day , so we did not get the start we wanted at the clinic.  Where it does not rain a lot, but the rain this time of year lasts the whole day and it is so cold and miserable to be out in, it does not even help to fill the water reservoirs because only a few hundred feet up now it will be snow that is here for the winter ... Two things to look forward to in the rain... A beautiful clear day to see the mountains and their white caps when it stops, and the stupid pack of dogs stop barking and fighting outside our window.  

Today Bekah brought one of the bunnies with her and Kamala to homework club at the orphanage.

the kids loved this so much ,  They each had a little turn holding him .

Today the memory assignment was a poem to a little bunny rabbit so they were able to recite their poem to Kaydusha... here is a cute little video of one of the younger kids .


This home work club has been such an incredible help to the kids , As orphans the schools do't necessarly give the kids the attention they need, and the life at the orphanage is difficult for the workers to keep up with home work and helping the kids to understand everything .  As well several of the kids have difficulties as a result of missed school or unstable homes in the past, so they require more support then the average "Home child" would get .   Kamala and a helper spend 3 to 4 hours a day with them.  an investment in their future for sure.  

A rainy day is a great time to stay inside here .. and what better to do inside on a rainy day then to watch a movie .. Larisa and Tanya have been giving their new movie projector a work out , first at the mens home .

they sure loved this .. up until now, a movie would not be something that they would have a chance to enjoy ..

they are not the only ones that had a movie day , the kids over at the hospital got a viewing as well.. These are some of the kids that had their homes burn down in the spring. Tanya has a room there that she uses to do crafts and school work with the kids . She has asked us if we could help her set this class room up with supplies, and then find funding for $200 a month ..she would like $50 a week that she could get supplies, and food snacks for the kids when they come home from school .  they don't have living rooms in their new rooms so she wants to have a place where they can come to

there are about 40 kids all together that she would like to work with so it works out to be about $1.25 a week per child .    another big bang for your buck if someone wanted to be a part of this ,

they have been working hard getting the rooms ready for winter   this is the main hallway upstairs with the rooms 

they are ready for the new rolls of roofing and tar to be put on now .. 

 this has been a community project with the families doing a lot of the work themselves. The materials are provided by us .  When everything is finished, if we have a bit of money from this project left, we will get a small space heater for each room to help keep them warm .  Also a remender that if any one would like to sponsor a coat or a blanket from Augulla's , you can buy them for $20 and we will have them custom made and delivered ..

Tomorrow , we will get things started at the clinic, then we would like to pick up the 7 small bunnies and bring them out to the seniors home for a visit.. they are so cuddly right now, I am hoping it will be a treat for them to snuggle with them for a bit.  .. will see how it goes... photos to follow.  

I should mention, another story we will share more about tomorrow .   While 270 men, and 55 kids where being blessed with support and needed attention by our team ,   Jengish and Emma were off looking for the one.  Jamal was a student from the rehab center, and then stayed on as a worker, taking care of the chicken farm that we set up for them there.  Ever since Jengish brought him off the streets back around 7 years ago, he has had a soft spot in his heart for Jamal.  

A few weeks ago we heard that Jamal had disappeared ,    He was sick and was going in to the Dr, but never returned.  We heard that he has Cancer, and did not have anyone that would help him ..

I just received this photo from Jengish a few minutes ago.  He found Jamal at one of the cancer hospitals in Bishkek. Jengish will be here in the morning and we can try to figure out the best plan for Jamal and I will let you know when I know more.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Every day we are in awe with the view on the way to the village .. the green strip of trees you see at the base of this mountain is the little farming village where the farm is .  if you go up to the right  side of the mountain you come to the hot springs, and if you go to the left  you come to the water falls, go one more mountain cut to the left, you will find Jengish and Emma's grain/ hay field, and up in that mountain is the cow barn that we provided a micro loan for, and where we will be keeping our cows as part of the payment plan.  .. one day I will put up a little map.  

click on the photo to see a larger version 

Two workers are spending the night at the farm now .  they are doing a great job. at this rate, there will be no trouble having all the foundations repaired by winter .  The only thing slowing them down is the little ducks from next door.. all day they are pestering them , checking out everything they do and everything they touch.. actually , I think he likes it .

We found a water feeder today for the chicken run , they were about $5 so we got just one and will wait to get more as needed as the farm grows.  It hangs from the rafters so that it will stay clean  

The geese spent the whole day in the water bucket out side today ,  Jengish moved the food tray over so that they  could eat and drink at the same spot , not relay intending for them to do this ... I think Mr goose thinks he is at the spaw.

They guys are almost finished harvesting the sugar beets now.  They have left a lot of tops.  This is great food for the rabbits, so we started bringing them in to pile up in the corner of the barn to feed for the next couple months.   The rabbits see us with them and come running.

Not all the animals are at the farm.. Bekah thinks that the bunnies should have some home time with her. so she will take turns bringing a different  one home each time she goes... this deal is to be renegotiated on a daily basis.

Meet Kadyusha today's bunny 
Tonight is Sabira's birthday so we are home early to get changed and ready to go for a party there.

Vlady called, He is back from Turkey now and the work will start at the hospital again tomorrow morning .  The farm has everything it needs to keep rolling for about a week now so we will be able to focuse on the hospital again.. Also Tomorrow Emma and Jengish will take Aiperie to the city to pick up the rest of her sewing stuff so that she can start making the jackets for us .

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here we grow again . Back at the farm

Today ended with 7 new rabbits, 2 geese, 7 chickens, and 4 new ducks.. all in their pens ... but where it started is a whole other story.

We headed to the Bazaar not exactly sure what we were going to come home with , Acylbek said that he really likes geese, so we knew that we were going to get him one, but the rest was up in the air.  We decided we would walk the length of the bazaar and look, not just for who would come to the farm, but who we could help in the mean time ,  

It only took a matter of minutes when a young friend we know from one of the orphanages came running to us.  He is with a family now , and was calling Emma by name across the bazaar.. he was so happy to see us , and asked us to say hello to his friend Amir at the orphanage.  He then asked if I would like to buy his chickens .. "SURE" I said , not knowing the price or the quantity, and I handed him a bag to put them in .... fortunately he had only three chickens for sale, and his price was good so I was able to round it up a little bit.   

His mom had 4 ducks that she was selling so we decided to buy them as well.   The chickens where not really they type I was looking for , but we found two more cute little boys who arrived with the ones that I like so we got 4 more from them as well.  

Right across from the boys was a young girl that we have known for a long time, Possibly Sam from iam1ru and his team from Quebec will recognize her as well.  She was selling her rabbits.  So we loaded up 7 more cute bunnies.  She is working with a vet now, and assured us that they were well bred and had their shots.    That was enough to draw Bekah back to the farm today. She has decided that to help keep the bunnies super friendly, she should bring a different one home for a visit each time she visits the farm ... we have agreed on a daily re-examination of the agreement.  but for now she is enjoying her new friend 

We picked up some plywood to bring to the farm to form for the foundation.  We tied it on the roof, but Jengish was in such a rush that he tied it through the windows and not the open door.. definitely not the first time I have seen this done , My door was open so Emma and I could get in but Jengish and his brother did it Dukes of Hazard style.

We had the inside pen finished yesterday, so we had a place to unload the menagerie until we finished the out side chicken run, .

As soon as we unloaded the plywood , Asylbek, and our young friend Elmir ( tatchka drivers son ) started forming up to pour the new foundation  They have two walls completely finished now, just needs painting. As well we have decided that the stone work looks so good that he will do all the courtyard walls with stone up about a foot and a half, and as well will do the little front porch in stone as well.  We are thankful to those who have purchased "Food shares from the farm" this week , this has allowed us to have Asylbek come and live and work at the farm, and today Elmir, and we have been told of three others that  would like to come as well. One of them Jengish has worked with in the past at the rehab center, and is fantastic with the animals , amazing how things are coming together

Bekah buried the wire into the ground while we put the finishing touches on the run

this next picture I like because it shows the guys working , Bekah working, the ducks and geese out in the pen, and Borsok standing guard .. over seeing his domain

the next photo is a view of the back garden out the outhouse window .. its too bad that the big white snow caped mountains don't show up in the picture .. I thought that this was a picture of the future with all the guys out working in the garden.. what it actually is ,  friends of the people who lived there before us.  The agreement was that they could still harvest their crops this fall.

These next couple pictures are a shout out to my niece Samantha.. She loves chickens, and wanted one of the chickens named by her .. so let me introduce you to Izzy...


Once we had the run finished, we started building more rabbit hutches ,

We managed to finish up one of the levels, there will be five levels in total , we can finish them as the rabbits multiply .. each level is is about 14 feet long and has room for about 10 rabbits .

it did not take long for everyone to start getting along ,  here they are out sun bathing ,

No one was interested in playing in the water basin , no one except the neighbors ducklngs that love us and are always under feet..they were thrilled when Bekah opened the door so they could run into the pen and have a quick bath .. at least some one appreciated the girls efforts.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ready for the chickens on the farm

Back to the farm again.  We had to get some more sand , Acelbeck had used the sand we brought him already, so we found a big truck to bring us a load.. it was harder then we thought , there were no trucks to be found so we went to the coal yard.. there they were ,about 150 trucks all waiting to be loaded with coal.   We found one that could deliver in the afternoon, so we picked up 10 bags to keep him busy until the truck arrived.  as you can see he used 7 bags this morning .  you can see he already has one wall finished,  6 more to go .

Tomorrow morning is the Bazaar day so we will be going to see if we can find a Babushka trying to sell her chickens .  We want to get about half a dozen right away so that the guys staying at the farm will have fresh eggs every day.   so today we picked up some more mesh to build a chicken run and a pen inside .  We also bought a skill saw here for about $40.. we have blisters on blisters from cutting everything with a small hand saw, I am sure with the amount of work we have ahead it will get well used.  

the pen will hold geese ( Acelbeck has asked for a goose , he likes them) , and Jengish wants some ducks, and of course we need chickens, so now we are all set .. the pen is about 8 feet by 10 feet, and has a small door at ground level to get out to the big pen .  it also has three roosts that could hold about 30 chickens ,

outside the pen will go the full length of the barn so that we can let the sheep and goats out from their pens as well .  

Stopped to check on the car on the way home,  The radiator is completely shot so he has ordered a new one .. looks like it will be about $100 to fix.  Too bad it did not sell last week hahaha.    

We had some very exciting news this morning , 10 more shares sold for the "Food shares from the farm " so it happens, tomorrow we will have one more "worker" join us. for a few days , and possibly another one permanently  .. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

plans interrupted ..

Early this morning our young friend Amir came to our house with some news.  The Cooking school that he wants to go to says that he can start right away, so we was wondering if we could help to find him a sponsor.  We were going in to Bishkek today, so Bekah was going to go to the school and see if we could start with a deposit and pay the rest when we had sponsorship arranged.

We were bringing Larissa to the Dr.  she has a very bad back , she is going to need several treatments as well as some xrays and an eeg before they can even start .. We will post more about this tomorrow ... any ways , sailing down the road and BANG... our radiator blew apart.. so we flagged down a bus and the girls headed on with out me and I called Jengish for a tow to the garage.

So with the car at the garage, I went wit Emma and Jenjish out to the farm.. it is only about 10 minutes from the mechanic.  The rabits were happy to see me , and I was able to bring a little treat for them  

The house repairs are coming along great,  the old crumbling cement has all been removed 

Mesh and the first coat of cement has been put into the holes, 

and he has begun the final parging on part of the wall... that is where he ran out of sand.. we will need to get a load for him delivered tomorrow 

On one of the out buildings, he has done a little bit of stone work to see if we would like that .. we think it looks great , and would look really good.  Jengish is thinking that this building would make a great Banya  ( sauna / bath room )

the room that the girls painted yesterday was looking a little rough when we left, it did not seem to cover well, but as it dried, it turned out great , we added a couple carpets , and the first room is ready .. Acelbek says that he had a great sleep .  I feel better knowing that his room is clean and warm, and that all the facilities are there .  

already we have others that have contacted Jengish and asked if they too can come live and work on the farm.. For the time being we will have to hold off until we sell a few more shares in the "FOOD SHARE on the farm" program ..We have to be sure that we can keep food in their bellies, so getting this whole farm thing up and off the ground is going to be a bit of a balancing act,,  our goal is to sell 10 more shares by the end of the month.    Daily I am amazed as we see this all come together , and have no doubt that very soon , others can begin their new life . 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

puzzled but content

We feel so blessed to be in Kyrgyzstan . I think that is must be one of the most beautiful places on the earth .. every day a new sight.  Not just the scenery, but the people.. it can all take your breath away . 

If I am truly honest, I would have to admit that even after 11 years in central Asia  I don't think a day goes by that there is not something that happens that leaves me confused, bewildered, bemused , puzzled,or maybe perplexed, baffled, mystified, maybe even muddled or dumbfounded.  you might say taken aback or even clueless , at times chaotic or tops-turvy might best describe the feeling .   I often describe life here as trying to do this puzzle. 

There is a clear understanding of what is supposed to happen, but for some reason you feel that all the clues are missing.. But we know that if we just preserver, we will see all the pieces come together .    Things that we might think would be simple like getting some coal for the seniors home, leads us to this .. theres the coal , now how do you get it , how do you load your truck, how do you get it delivered.... I can't even tell anyone the address of the seniors home .. in fact I always get the word for senior mixed up with the word for a gun..  

Often Julie will ask me a question, and I will respond " I don't know" she will then ask , "well did you ask" to which I will simply reply "No" "Why Not?" she will enquirer to which I will respond .. " WE DON"T WANT TO KNOW" 

Today we needed some paint for the farm..This is something that I have learned , and was able to go and purchas a little bag of white rocks , because we all know thats how you make paint.. We then took them home and put them into a pail of water and this happened 


You see this no longer upsets or concerns me , it is like slowly the picture is starting to appear on the pieces of the puzzle   I am starting to get it .. is this the new norm ? 

Life here can be difficult and a lot of work, exhausting, consuming, depleting, draining, but in the end it is worth it when we start to see the pieces of that puzzle come together , and the picture begins to emerge , and we see the impact we are having in the lives of those around us.

 thats not to say that we dont still come across the unexpected from time to time , that seems to be peeking out at us when we least expect it .

This last few weeks we have watched in amazement as a long time dream of Emma and Jengishes has started to take shape.  While in Canada, Jengish spoke out what that dream was, with in moments a friend of ours came to him and said that she saw his vision and would like to be part of that , the pieces of the puzzle started to become clear.  Then our friend at Give First Ministries made a commitment to help with the rent for this project .. Andy saw past the dream and the hear and now,  when he saw the puzzle, he saw more then the blank pieces, he could envision what it was to look like, and nows that once we start putting the puzzle together, others will begin to see what the finished puzzle will look like and come on board... 

the field for growing the animal feed was located and purchased 
Then a few weeks ago the farm itself was secured, and there you have it .. the farm is up and running , even then , every step as needed had fallen into place .  Just when we needed to hire the the live in farm hand,  one appeared , .. one that is part of the puzzle.. one that would not be here and alive today if some of you had not intervened last year .. but today is a perfect fit to the puzzle . 

With the farm hand hired, the farm expenses begin .. the first day he arrived, was the first investor purchasing 2 shares of the next harvest... enough to meet the current needs ..

This  puzzle is starting to come together and we are so excited.. as we step out in faith, its nice to know that although we do not always get to see the big picture, we serve one who does.  

Some how I know that what He has in mind is and will be amazing , astonishing, astounding, stunning stupefying and breathtaking ...

There is room for so many more to join this vision , why not come along with us and experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living ... what ever that looks like .