Sunday, April 19, 2015

Change of plans

Today started with a twist .  Emma and Jengish were on their way to the farm with Jengishes brothers when they came across two ladies with impaired judgement and the strong smell of alcohol.  They had a little toddler with them , and were asking for money for some food and transportation out of town.  The shared how they thought that the child's parents were not fit so they stroll the toddler.  

Since they had no idea where they stole  the child from, they convinced the ladies that they should take the child to the hospital to make sure it was healthy.  The ladies agreed.  On the way we contacted the police and social services.   The regular police came, two social workers and then three detectives came .  They were able to get the documents that would allow the Baby hospital to take custody of the child until this was all sorted out.   

Right from the start Emma was able to get a hold of the baby from the two ladies, and she just hung on tight until everything was over.  Several times the ladies wanted to take the child and go before the authorities could get there, but Emma just smiled and hung on.  Jengish stood watch ..  
In the end the baby was admitted to the hospital. She was given some food and a drink. While Emma and Julie helped the nurse get her all cleaned up, Bekah and I went to the bazaar and got some new cloths, diapers and shoes , and of coarse a banana.  Emma opened up the banana for her and give it to her .  It was so cute. she sat there and licked it at first as if it was an ice cream cone.   

Its now 2:00 and everything is under control and we have headed home.  There was a lovely young nurse that took over her care from Emma .  I was concerned that after all this she would be hard to put down, but she happily went off with the nurse, stopping to smile and wave good bye to Emma .. God was gracious to have us depart with out tears.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

working on a Building ... 30 days later

up early today and out to the farm to get read for the celebration . 
Kolya up the ladder cleaning windows

new curtains in the washroom 

getting the table set 

guests begin to arrive 

Kolya here with his Girlfriend , Kolya was one of the ones working on the Barn 

wonderful breads

One of the kids from the mountain farm where we have helped with the barn for the cows 

one of the neighbors  has almost lost his sight, he needs eye surgery and did not have money for it. The want to operate on Monday , to start with they will do just one eye, and then the second in a few weeks .  He needed $400 .. Today a coupe of our guests at the party sponsored the first operation for him to give us time to find a sponsor for the other eye'  

It was nice to have a Jengishes brothers with us today as well.  They have been such a great support and hep to Emma and Jengish. with the fields and the farm .

At the party , Sergey was telling us about a senior that he knew of.  She and her husband would like to raise rabbits as well,  The have some female rabbits but don't have a male.  They have been trying to raise the money to get a giant male rabbit.  Emma and Jengish both thought it would be great to bless her with one of their giant babies .     Its still just a baby, but they do grow up fast .   They gave it to sergey to take to her, and with in an hour we had a photo back with him at his new home.

It has been just one month ago that we put the first shovel into the ground at the farm, and today we celebrated the completion of the barn and beginning of the panting season,  A ot of work, but something that will be a great blessing to so many for years to come.  I have put together a short video that shows 4 1/2  weeks work in just 4 1/2 minutes .  I hope you enjoy it .

Friday, April 17, 2015

Barn is finished , time to clean up.

It was just one month ago that we started pouring the foundation for the new barn.  It is hard to believe the transformation.  Today was the clean up day and a day to put finishing touches on the pens .  We planted some more veggies , tomatoes, egg plants, more broccoli, and two peach trees. We also got some of the piles of gravel cleaned up and spread on the new drive way in front of the barn.   It was fun to watch the rabits and goats when they moved into there new digs.  They were so happy, Acelbek is pretty happy too. he is a gardener at heart , and is thrilled to get his hands into the dirt.  

We were going to bring out the bees tomorrow, but decided to hole off a few days. Tomorrow we will be having an open house and ploff . It is a custom here that if you get something new like a car or a new fence our basically anything new, you have to have a party and invite all your fiends to celebrate.  One friend told how he one a dance contest and it had a small cash prize, He said that the party cost him twice as much as what he won. So tomorrow we will celebrate.   We thought it was best that we not bring thousands of angry mixed up bees at the same time.

this fence is our second line of defense if the goats get out  they can't get to the garden.  we still have the fence on the other side of the garden to put up. something for next week.

this  spot we will plant grass . today we put in two peach trees 
Jengish and Emma in front of the old barn 

Jengish and Emma in front of the new barn

just finished the new manger 

the goats think its great 

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.  There is still lots to do, but the rest can wait and be part of the "to do list for those who will come to live at the farm this summer .. Things are coming along nicely with the food shares.  we have 45 shares left, but just 20 shares away from our 50 share target for the month of April.   If you would like to join us with the food shares, please donate now.  You can use the "food shares from the farm " link on the header and every thing you need to know is there. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fences going up and planting at the farm

Off to a slower start today .  It rained all night so we decided to sleep in and start at 10:am.  Our first stop was to the bazaar to get sawdust for the goat stall. Next was a visit to to nursery section to pick up plants for the garden food shares.  Today we bought 250 early cabbages, 150 late cabbages, 100 broccoli plants, about 500 Spanish onions and  100 lbs of seed potatoes  

we went to this Dungan lady on the corner and bought everything she had 

We then stopped out to check on the field in Rotfront.  it was being plowed yesterday while we were seeding the field near Tokmok 

we started the fencing today. The goat pen will be about 7 feet tall and the rest of the fencing around the garden will be 4 feet tall.  

in the barn, we were able to get the flors cleaned, and a coat of paint on the floor at the end where the office /  meeting room will be 
the rest of the floor we put on a wood sealant .
the goats like their new homes, but were very curious about what we were doing 

cabbages planted around the fruit trees 

the fence polls are just set in place to mark so we knew where to plant, tomorrow the fence will go up 

 Tomorrow we will have an early start to the day , we have two kids that have contacted us looking for work, so we will certainly put them to work.  We are so blessed that so many of you have joined us by purchasing some shares from the farm .  This has allowed us to keep things rolling and not miss a beet.  We still would like to sell another 25 shares at $60 before the end of the month so that we will have funds in place for the workers over the summer.  There are kids finishing school and out of the orphanage soon that will be needing to figure them selves out .  Fortunately we have room for them now. 

The last couple days , Kamalla has been busy, so Julie and our friend Kolya have been covering for her at the homework club at Bacute orphanage, and will continue to  go there for the rest of the week.   They had one girl there that really wanted to have English lessons.   Julie posted the need on FB and in just a few hours she had a sponsor to help cover her lessons.  Once again we feel blessed to have the support network out there of people like you who join with us in this journey. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

planting the fields today, and update from the baby orphanage

Today they are out working on the fields getting them ready to plant. In a couple hours we will start loading the trucks with the seed and go out to meet the seeder.   Nurbek is helping today to get the rocks out of the way. 

At the farm, they are almost finished the siding. we are hoping to start putting in the stalls and the fences tomorrow . 

Over at the Baby house they are working on some foundations and putting up a new brick fence at the back of the grounds behind the playground .  I had posted about the need they had here a couple days ago.  We needed a load of sand and a load of Gravel $50 each.  It is amazing how things worked out .  I had a donation come in for $25 and was waiting for the rest. Today, someone here donated a load of sand, and someone else gave a really good deal on the gravel. so the total we needed was only $31 of which $25 has come in already .  

forms are up , ready to pour more foundation for the fence.

this half is finished 
sand delivered and gravel on the way. 
Thank you again to every one that has had a part in the many projects that we have had on the go here, we could not do it with out you . 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Getting ready to put up the fences

We have had a family here that we have been working with for many years.  The Husband, we shall  call "Joe", Is a good worker, and work keeps him sober.  We often have him working with Vlady.  A year ago we lost track of Joe, and despite searching the streets and parks, we could not find him. 
Today Joe reappeared, and was in need of some work.  A little while later we had a call from a young friend of ours working on his diploma paper.  We was in need of some money and was wondering if we had any work.   So we gathered them both up and took them to the farm with us.    

Joe taking a short break after an hour of heavy digging 

Our other young friend is busy clearing the fence line getting ready to put up the fence in a couple days .

windows are in front and back, up and down, and the roof is on.  Now they are starting on the walls .
Its nice to be able to spend some time with our friend Kolya as well.  We have worked with him for a long time now.  He has been working out at the farm since we started the barn.  He is such a hard worker.  Today Emma and I went and bought all the supplies the guys will need for the next couple days .    

Tomorrow we will be going to Lake Isikool  for a couple days .  We have a friend from Canada here visiting right now, and it will be a great opportunity for us to have a little R&R.  Jengish is working on a movie shoot right now, and will also be in the Isikool region for a couple days, maybe we will meet up with him for a little bit.