Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New ED venture Begins

First things first.... Ed knew what it was that Bekah needed, so our first stop after the airport was for preservatives... We thought it was so exciting that we ordered this bigger then big new burger that they have here... smoothies...fries...the works........ Did you know that there's a line where too much of something can make you sick? We will have to try again today ... we will let you know where that line is.
This is the boat that we are staying on. It is the head quarters for Youth With A Mission ( YWAM ) here in Kyiv. Both our rooms are on the river side, looking out across at the Sophia's Cathedral on the hill.... Here is a little closer view.Looking up and down the Dnipro River

It is more of a bardge then a boat. But is very nice... Beautiful bathrooms in each room... Flush, sitting down toilets conference rooms... a computer room as well as wireless Internet in the rooms. It is parked on the shore beside lots of cafe's and stores.
We are booked in here until Friday... It will give us time to tour the city and visit with Ed before he heads back to Canada for a few weeks. From here, we will go with Ed's Son Jonathon and his friend to the Crimea... We will stop along the way in Nepapa Pratrosk and Krevaroge, where Jonathon has been working in some of the orphanages there.... We have heard for years about the work that Ed has been doing there, as well as the conferences that we have helped to sponsor there in the past. It will be great to see it for ourselves.
Our end destination is for 10 days in The Crimea where we have a two bedroom apartment (maybe)on the beach . There are lots of things to see and to do while there. .. Our other plans to go to Poland and other countries has been changed, it is not our time to know.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, the details really do matter and they are the ones that can bless and pain the deepest, but today the details are for you four as you wind down and reflect on all that the LORD has done through your heads, hearts, mouths, hands and feet.
Soon a new beginning awaits all of you in various ways, but His love never changes!
Enjoy this respite that He has provided, including all the details (toilets and fast food included)
Prayer coverage is still intact. We will pray you home.
To you four from us four.