Monday, July 21, 2008

O Aigulia has a farm E-I-E-I-O

We began the Day today with stop at Aigulia's house to see the furniture set up in the living room and to pick up Altynai who had spent last night there. as soon as we got there we went around back with the boys to check out the work on the farm... this first photo is taken from in the barn looking out into the yard. this is the hay inside the new barn Beksultan was thrilled to show me.. then in very carefully put together English he said " John.... I have asked people and have found a very good big donkey..It is good to pull the cart now....They say 2500 sum, but Turat tell them NO 2000 and they say yes...What do you think about this" Well I'm sold.... How can you say no to that.... especially when they still have the money in their animal account.
Then we were called inside.... What a set up. the kids had been busy all night.. they had prepared spaghetti and french fries for us as well as watermelon and candies...pop and bread... the table looked great. and the living room was beautiful. This is no longer a is a home...
We left the girls with them to do some crafts, and we went over to the orphanage for a short meeting ... there is a family that we would love to see put back together and we will need everyones help to make it's no one I have shared about before, but a situation that has been eating at me for some time.... I will share more on this later. We then picked up Raheema ( little Ruslan's mom in the house that love bought) and brought her to the market to buy enough food to stock her cupboards as well as some new blankets and other house hold items.

We also gave her a couple of the blankets that were made by the Hastings Knitters. She was so blessed by this .
Now those of you who know Sergey know... he is not much of a shopper, so he opted out of the shopping and went down and had a visit with pastor Vera's husband in the park.... Vera was off to town picking up supplies to have a month long children's program there every day starting next week... It sure does not take a lot of money to get big results out of her... Like I have said before, she is really good soil if you are looking for a good place to do some planting.
When we went to pick up the girls , we found that there was a big shuffle, and Emma and Bekah had decided to stay and Sabira and Aizada were coming home with us ... fortunately our daughter #3 Altynai can help us with this. We had supper tonight with Talent's mom... she was happy to show us how well the chickens were have they ever grown. ... She had a beautiful meal prepared for us...something called "the sleeping Camel" Julie was eager to hear why they called it that... some things I just don't want to know..... After supper we gave her some new winter cloths as well as another one of the blankets from Hastings....
When we got home, we made coke slushies for the girls, then I tossed a bag of popcorn in the microwave.... this we realized is something they had never seen before.... they were amazed when they saw the bag expand and heard the popping... even when I opened the bag and pored it into the bowl, they stood there in amazement .... Then I ate a piece... a little gibber jabber back and forth between them then they tried it..... WOW ... it sure was a hit.
It is hard for the kids when we have them to the house because they have to go home eventually, but thanks to so many of you, this will not be a problem for them... they have a beautiful house, nice beds , lovely furniture and a barn full of animals..... I think it will be harder for us to get Emma and Bekah to come home...... Oh Ya you should see how the playground is coming at the orphanage.... maybe I will share that with you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Blessings to the Wrights,

Awesome pictures of the Farm. On the plane home we had a huge debate between us as the customs declaration asks if you ahve been to a Farm in the last 14 days..........absolutely we had, we just bought one delivered in a truck:) Thankfully we had no issues at Canada Customs, they were great with us. Actually by the fourteenth one of us they had got tired of hearing where we had been, and what we had done :) But not us, we will never be tired of being a very small part in some potentially huge lives while we were in Kyrgyzstan.

I'll miss the daily Blogs about our friends and family there.



Anonymous said...

You have done so much for the Kyrgyz people and for us here in Canada; to be part of God's greater plan.
When I think of the volume of work, change, help, love and genuine care having been done in relatively a short period of time, I cannot help but think of that battle won five thousand years ago when the Lord of all stopped the sun in the sky to allow more time for a greater victory! Praises be to His Name! What an awesome God we serve!
Thanks for answering the call.
Love & hugs,
Ed, Judy, Sarah and Rachael

Freakshow. said...

Freaks! You are all freaks!
That is why I like hang'n with you!

LaJoy Family said...

Lives totally transformed by God's wonder I love reading your blog daily. This beautiful family now has a real future and the children's faces are filled with hope. John and Julie, Bekah and Emma, you are the "real deal" and anyone can tell that by the opportunities God has placed in front of each and every one of you. He knows you are just the right people to grab a hand, a shovel, or a heart and get to work! Thanks for the gift of your blog.