Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Great news

It has been a very busy few days. So many of you have responded to the needs posted on the blog. If you have been thinking about how to help, I am sorry / happy to tell you that the options have drastically been reduced. At this point, everything that we posted has been sponsored. What we have left is things like food hampers for families in need @ $25, Coal for families that are cold @ $50, and Christmas parties for institutions @ $10 a child. These items, there is no shortage of needs and we can provide as many as are sponsored. ( We still have orphanages and groups contacting us looking for help) The other item left is showers for the men’s home, we have one of them sponsored at $500, but still have 4 more sections that we can do. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in this incredible blessing.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Down time.

Time for a holiday.  About 7 years ago, after a lengthy illness that just seemed to knock the stuffing out of me, Julie and I took a week off in an all inclusive, and just slept on the beach .. no tours, no activities, just simply relax.   Since that time we have made a point of checking out for that one week every year. 
   Julie laughs about it, but it is true that we do not go off the resort, and we do not talk or engage in any conversation..We are not there to build a new roof for the family down the street .. we simply check out.
   Tonight we are heading to the airport , and will be gone for the week.  Vlad has everything under control and will field any issues for the next week  ( Including one new boy who is sick coming to the farm and another possibly returning this week ).
   I have just posted 4 blog posts with about 20 different possible gift ideas ranging from $10 to $2500.  We have put it out there, emptied our minds and done what we can do, now we will just leave it in Gods hands.  When we return next week we will be back to work getting things organized and on the move for another incredible Christmas in Kyrgyzstan when HOPE is restored at this
special time of year .. Thank you everyone  who has made this such an awesome year and has shared with us in both the joy and the sorrow that we have faced .. We are excited to head into the new year, recharged and ready to go .

Please read on to the next posts, and consider what you are able to do. 

Blessings John and Julie

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds

Ideas from around the farm

These next few needs are from around the farm.  They will bring comfort and relief right away and will also benefit many in the months and years ahead.  Some are a little more ambitious then others, but maybe as a family or group someone out there might like to tackle them 

Aiperi and Sammy Christmas in Pakistan $50

Aiperi and Sammy have moved to Pakistan, but they are still loved by many from the farm, and around the world.  We would like to send them some Christmas money to let them know we are thinking about them . We would love to send them $50

Dentist visit for Beksoltan  $80
Misha to the dentist $100

A couple of the boys on the farm need some dental work.  Beksolton has just had a bunch of work done, now they just need to do an under the gum line cleaning.  Misha has just come to the farm and has never been to a dentist so we will have him go and get immediate needs fixed, then get a quote for the rest of the work to do at a later date when we have the funds

TV and VCR for Aigoolas house  $200

In the inside dining room at the farm, a lot of the meal prep-work is done, as well as it is a gathering place.  Aigoiola would like to have a small wall mount TV and VCR so that as she is working during the afternoon she could watch TV at the same time .

roof over the out door kitchen and patio  $500

This spring at the farm we built an outside cooking area where we do all the canning as well as cooking for large groups.  We would like to have a shelter over it that will keep the rain out as well as provide shade on those hot summer days .  The materials need will cost $500

Furnishings for Kashar $2500  

We have been working on renovating and additions on the "Center " mountain ranch.  This has become a real center of activity. We host many picnics for the orphanages and other service groups, as well as hosting conferences for families adopting inside Kyrgyzstan, training for people working with kids with Trauma, gatherings of workers supporting orphans in Kyrgyzstan. This Center is also rented out from time to time as a way to raise funds for the on going operation of the farm.  The Center has become much more then we ever dreamed.   As it grows in usage, we realize that we will need some more furnishings for the new rooms, more beds and couches, more cooking facilities in the kitchen and other finishing touches on the building .. trim on the windows some door handles etc. the total cost to finish the center and have it fully equipped to meat the needs is going to be about $2500 

Please read on to the next post to see more possible 
Christmas gift ideas. 

More Christmas ideas

Next up for our wish Christmas wish list are a few of the different orphanages and groups that we work with.

Orphanage food drop $900   
The baby orphanage , the Red river orphanage and the Ivonofka treatment center are three large orphanages that are often in need of food supplements, cleaning supplies and diapers.  throughout the year we bring these supplies a little at a time as we have the funds.  Going in to the winter is a really good time to do a big shop for each of them to help carry them through the cold months. , it costs about $300 each to do this.

   Blind society Christmas $500 
 One of the groups that we work with is the blind society.  This is a group of families and individuals who are dealing with vision problems in their family.  They come together to help each other with life difficulties.  Every year we sponsor a large Christmas party for them.  We are looking for at least $500 for this special day.  There could be as many as 250 at this event, so if we went over a bit would;d be OK too.

Olgas center $400

Many of you will know Olga and the great work that she does at her center.  It is a place the helps many families with children with physical difficulties as well as learning disabilities.  Olga likes to not only help them at the center, but she also helps at there homes with food and clothing for the families.   Olga would like to provide a party and gifts for about 80 kids this year .  thats just $5 a child 

  Extra Baggage for vitamins and supplies $200

Bekah will be coming to Canada for Christmas this year as one of the perks provided by the school she teaches at.  She is allowed two bags when she travels. On her return to Kyrgyzstan we would like to purchase one extra bag so that we can send more vitamins and other items that we have here in Canada waiting to go to those in need in Kyrgyzstan .  The cost for the extra bag is $200 

Transportation for orphanages to outings  $50
Time to time, the orphanages are offered free addition to things like the circus , or theater.  This is so great that the kids can get an outing, except for that they most times have to turn down the offer because they have no transportation.  Throughout the year they call and ask us to sponsor the bus.  Usually there is little to no notice so we do not have time to find a sponsor.  It comes down to if I have money that day as to whether or not the kids get to go .  I would like to have a fund on hand that would allow us to sponsor these events .  Just think, you could sponsor an outing for 50 kids to the  movies for just $50

Please read on to the next post to see more possible 
Christmas gift ideas.  

Friday, December 07, 2018

Christmas with Larrisa and Tanya

Many of you will know Larisa and Tanya.  They work with the men at the mens home and many families in need in their community, including those living at the dump.  Here are a few of their Christmas wishes 

Christmas party for the mens home $1000 

Larissa and Tanya have been working at the mens home for many years .  There are 250 disabled men there, many of whom have no family and never get out of the home.  They would like to have a Christmas party for them , complete with entertainment, gifts and food.   for just  $4 each, she can do this .

Shower rooms at the  mens home $500 

At the mens home there are 5 sections. each section has a small shower room that is older and in worse shape then you could imagine.  Larisa and Tanya would like to renovate each of them.  the cost for this will be $500 for each

Larisa and Tanya Ostiopath $250

Both Larisa and Tanya have had on going back problems, attributed to the hard work and heavy lifting they do daily while caring for others.  This fall we were able to make great headway with their health with the Osteopaths.  Now that the team is gone, they will need to travel to Bishkek to continue the path to healing.  We have had some sponsors for this, however we will be about $250 short to complete treatment.

Food hampers for Larisa's  families $25

Many of the families that Larisa and Tanya help live daily on what they are able to gather from the dump.  These are not lazy people, they are hard working, trapped  in a cycle of poverty. With a small all hand up, like the provision of a months supply of basic groceries,  Larisa is able to give them the HOPE of better things ahead . Just $25 is enough to supply a large bag of hope.

Please read on to the next post to see more possible Christmas gift ideas.  

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Christmas Ideas

Over the next few days I will be posting some Christmas wish items here on the blog.  There are just so many needs.  I think we all have those people on out list that are difficult to shop for as they already have anything they want.   Well maybe this year for them we can SAVE A LIFE,  IMPROVE A LIFE, or simply bring HOPE AND JOY to someone who might not otherwise experience it. 

As I look over the list we have been compiling, I see things of all price ranges, so each day I will give a mixture. 

Chemo therapy $800 

This need came to our attention just last night.  This is a family that we have been providing prenatal vitamins to.  Half way through the last pregnancy the mother was diagnosed with cancer and has a tumor on her neck.  They have a few problems here.  They could dot do Chemo right away because she was expecting, and then they can not afford the treatment or the formula for the baby.    But the tumor is reaching a point that they need to act now . 
We would like to raise $800 to cover the chemo and other necessary treatement, as well as to provide formula for the baby so they can start right away.  

Portable EKG  $150

Many of you know our Dr Tatyana.  She is a heart specialist and also works as a general practitioner for those that we come across in need of medical help as well as the kids on the farm.   We have been bringing EGK paper and tabs for her EKG machine.  These are hard to get and expensive.   Now technology has advanced to the point that there is a quality portable device available that connects to a smart phone.  It will record 30 seconds at a time and show the print out and also cane be downloaded in pdf format.   This can be used as a preliminary test , especially  on house calls. then if something is detected, then she can use her big EKG machine to confirm.  (if the funds come in for more then one device, Dr Tatyana can train her colleges in the remote villages and leave them one )   

Start up needs for a young Mom and Baby $100

This need is for a start up package for a young mom that is returning to the farm .  This young mom was bridnapped twice , and came to live on the farm for a few months .  Two years ago she got married, but thats when things went bad for her. As soon as she was married,m she was kept inside the home and he phone was taken away.    After two years captive, she was able to get away with her daughter, and returned to the farm for help and a place to live.    We were able to get her into a shelter where they have lawyers and social workers that are able to help her get all the documents and legal guardianship for her and the baby.  Once this is done in a few weeks she will be able to register at the farm .  We would like to have a few things ready for them when they arrive. 

Coal for a family in need  $50

We have been providing coal for families in need. and have set up depots around the valley so that we can respond right away when the need arises.   Winter always seems to last about 2 or 3 weeks longer then people plan for and   by February many are in trouble.  We are looking for sponsors to help us meet the needs.   Kind of adds a new understanding to getting coal on your stocking 

Food hamper $25

We are collecting money now for food hampers that we will deliver over Christmas to families in need.  Winter is an especially difficult time for many.  Food prices are high, and work is scarce. then the added expense of heating and winter cloths for kids.  Families that are already on the edge just can not cope.  We would like to deliver about 50 of these hampers 

Christmas gift and special event $10

 Every year we provide Christmas gifts and outings for the kids in the orphanages. This year we would like to provide for about 500 kids in 5 different orphanages and families in need .  You can help with that.  The cost for each child to receive a gift and  some sort of outing , like a meal in a restaurant or a concert or show at the orphanage  is about $10 a child

It is not just the institutions and high profile places that are on our radar,  Some times you need to get a little dirty so that you can truly make an impact, but when you do, I am telling you , it is worth it.  After bringing Christmas to families at the dump Larisa told me it was the best Christmas of her life... WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN,..

    If you would like to help out this Christmas season, please use one of the links below to make a donation.  You can put in the memo line where you would like your donation directed 

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!
From Canada 

From the US

If making a donation as a gift, you can right click on the certificate below and clock save , then print it out to add to a card 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Sunny day

Today was a beautiful day, a bit of a reprieve from the cold.  The boys were out and able to get a little sun. 

Three times a day Mirlan tends to the chickens.  he mixes their food with a liquid vitamin.  Now that it is cold he carries a towel to dry of his hands after mixing .. I had to chuckle , he looks like a waiter with towel on his arm.  

 Here are a couple more pictures of the guys enjoying the day.

We are harvesting now.  here there is wheat grass , arugula, basil, spinach, Swiss chard, and radishes . 

this next garden is leaf lettuce
next is baby spinach ready to pick 

Now into your salad throw in a few tomatoes, 

then some peppers and cucumbers , and you are all set for a great salad. 

and more marigolds .    they are an awesome plant to help keep the bugs down  

We are done with our coal deliveries, but the depots that we have set up are still busy providing coal for many in need . 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Starting plans for Christmas

Our friends are still very busy in Kyrgyzstan .  The last few days were coal delivery days , and before that was an exam week and all our students including some of our main workers were busy studying.   After the Osteopaths were with us, they identified a few difficult cases that will need a lot of follow up treatment.  Larisa, Tanya and Kamalla are all on that list.  They have been making trips into the Drs in Bishkek and will be going for another 3 or four each.  We have also been working with the dentist a lot.  Beksolten was having teeth pain before we left and it turned out to be some serious extensive work he needed doing.  He has had all the teeth fixed now, but just needs to go back for a deep under the gum cleaning so that his issues don't  come back any time soon.  Sasha is doing well with his drivers training, so we are hoping he can hang in and this summer we will have an extra driver to shuttle guests up and down the mountain.  
We will be starting to sell produce from the green house this week, and they have been planting the isles now so that we have more started for when we start pulling up the existing rows.   The sweet potatoes we are starting have finally started sprouting.. the first stage in planting new ones .  

We have started making some plans for Christmas around the Valley .. We have probably close to 1000 people who's workers  this year that have already asked about help so we are hoping for some Help with that .   We are also working on our Christmas Catalog that will be up on the site here in a couple days .. it will include ways to help Orphanages, seniors, Olga's center, the farm  and many other needs , some big and some small ... something for everyone.. 

Here is some great news on this side of the pond .  Yesterday Jengish and Emma went to the final interview for Jengish's Residency status .. all went well and he should have his card in a few weeks .  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Coal Delivered

Final coal deliveries ( that we have funds for ) have been made .   12 tones today alone .  This has been delivered to 5 families including one depot where as many as a dozen families will come to get their coal as needed through out the winter. 

These coal deliveries do two very distinct things .. They keep children out of the orphanages and seniors out of the grave. 

"Hello Mr. John, thank you so much for your help, today coal was brought to grandmother"

"Hallo John. Received coal. Tomorrow we will begin to distribute. Thank you so much"

This last photo you can see Misha ( second from the left )  You may recognize him from the farm a couple years ago.   He was with us for about a year  then has been working in Bishkek for a year now and doing well.   Where he was working is closing until April so he has come HOME to the farm for the winter .  We are so pleased that in a shame based culture, he recognizes that there is no shame in coming home. 

“When he was still a long way off, his father saw him. His heart pounding, he ran out, embraced him."