Monday, July 28, 2008

Arrived in Keiv

It has been a long day , but it is now about 6pm Ukraine time, and we are in our rooms for the night... We are staying on a fully furnished river boat in the heart of Kyiv.....Our emotions are all still a little close to the surface... I think the down time to reflect will do us good....... when we went into our rooms, they each had a small fruit basket with a note that read " We hope and pray that the Lord will bless your time in Kyiv. May your time here be restful and refreshing, God bless, YWAM Kyiv"

There is so much more then the things I have shared on the blog that are weighing our hearts down... As I sat there last night, I could hardly type ..... so I just posted the photo.... I guess the message I wanted to share is that you can't always just look at the big picture...sometimes life is found in the details,,, something we often miss........ God says that he has the hairs on your head numbered. He is a God of detail.... and it has been the details that have been so difficult....

5 Months ago, we came to Central Asia, and some times not so gently worked our way into the lives of some incredible people... Many have had... for very good reason.... emotional walls up to protect themselves from hurt and disapointment..... They took those walls down for us, and for a time they experienced things that they may have never experienced before. With that trust comes responsibility, and for as much work as went into building that trust, there seems to be twice as much work meeting those responsibilities... We want them to know that although we have to go, we are not abandoning them like so many others.....

As I sat with Sergei and Anya last night, our conversation very quickly turned to discussing our future, and the future of the child sponcership program.... ... With an even greater Resolve, we are determined that this program does and can continue to change lives.... Through sponcership, these kids can not only have some basic needs met, but will continue to experience love... they will know that they are special... we have chipped away and removed some of the walls... They have opened their hearts and are ready to recieve... People are in place to continue to pour into their lives... Let me tell you... Those in Central Asia are excited or as Sammy would say PUMPED ... Teachers, Dr's , councellors, pastors, bus drivers , taxi's , farmers and even politicians have stepped up and are ready to put their shoulders to the plow.... and for the life of me I am going to do all that I can to continue to encourage them... I feel so blessed that with my position of " Sponcership Director" for Possibilities International I can continue to pour my energy into finding ways that this last five months never ends....

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that we often miss the details .... When you are done reading this, go to the photo of the Yurt on the last post.... I want to draw your attention to something. At this point, about 150 of you have all seen that Big picture now emagine if we all saw the details.... If you left click the photo it will open up full screen and you may see better... Just to the left of the center Yurt there is an outline of a young orphan....... SHE NEEDS A SPONCER

Ps ... for some reason, my spell checker on this progam is not working and the one beside me is asleep..... I will have this post repaired in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Time for you to take a rest for a few days, reflect on the past five months and dream of the next. You have touched do many and probably seems like not enough. I'm reminded of the last scene in Schindlers List where he thought that he could of done more, but didn't take time to reflect on the impact he already had on the world.

Be blessed these next few weeks and take time to reflect on the friends and relationships you have huge investments in.


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ... today your journey begins. :) Have a wonderful time of re-CREATION.

May God overshadow you in this transition time. Blessing. I will see you shortly when I retunr from holidays.


Hilary Marquis said...

That last comment did me in...crying...AGAIN! Please try to have time for yourselves as a family. You need a break. What did the LORD do on the 7th day? Lots of us are still praying for your work to continue in Kyrg. He IS moving mountains there, one rock at a time.