Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Act's 5:15

"As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by." just writing this makes my nose hurt!
We are so far from considering ourselves in the same league as Peter, but we are getting a glimpse of what he may have faced. We have been here long enough now that we do not need to look for troubles. They know where we are and how to find us. I am so glad the team will be heading this way in a few hours..I feel as though things here have escelated far beyound our abilities ...At one point as we were trying to re adjust our schedule on the fly... for reasons I can not share at this time...... when in the middle of it all an old Babushka steps into the center of the circle asking if I am the one with the Bus.... she new that the red bus carried help... She began to cry and told us that she has no family and that she can not hear and needs a hearing aid but can not afford it...She is scared of the thoughts of loosing her hearing with no support.... I don't cope well with old crying babushka's ..... As all this is going on , I hear out of one ear that one of our older boys from the orphanage has began to cry.... Julie and Bekah quickly found someone to translate for them... He had been looking out of the bus window and saw one of the old lame men that frequents the dump each morning .... his nose was hurting ! I realise that life for him is so raw that the mere sight of others in need is crushing for him..... this poor child should not be able to relate on such a level with situations like this.....Later in the day we were in the village giving away a house when I sent Bekah to the store for pop. The owner of the store recognised Bekah as our Daughter and began to cry and ask Bekah for help...Bekah tried to get away, but the lady closed the store and followed Bekah back to there's Bekah trying to make it back followed by this lady with a full file of documents balling and face full of snot ..... "could we please just listen to her story"..... we listened to the terrible circumstances that have befallen her family, and reviewed all the documents ..... So in the middle of celebrating the new tenants for the house, we began to pray .....The entire day was a juggling act ... these are only some of the ones I can share right now, ......... I am glad God can multi task better then us.... When we first got here I asked ... "where do you draw the line"? .... ... You all told me to ...erase the line...ignore the line.... or there is no line......We know where our strength comes from ..... . We NEED a clear direction from God on so many fronts..... If I have not come out and asked before, I am asking now...Please pray........ I can feel that the mountains have started to tremble... now we need to see them moved .

Now I know why people end up in full time missions..... It's easier to just stay!


Freakshow! said...

Johnny....know you are not alone. When you get back to Canada let's build a group of North Amerixans that will "give and go"....let's cut young people and young adults....maybe even those in their 30's, 40's & 50's....even older....let's cut them loose to serve with you three months of the year....let's rewrite the rules.
Let's make our own lines.
I think there are hundreds of "next generation" John Wrights out there. I think there are families out there that have the "Wright Stuff" with me John....let's change the dream at a time!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all every day!!! We serve a great God and just let him guide you! Pray each moment and he will guide you! You can do nothing without him but look what he is doing through you. Don't be troubled and we just saw the team off at the church!! Help is on the way! God has blessed them and they are bringing it to you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

John, I'm just going to say, "amen" to the above comment that someone else left for you. My heart is breaking for you and for all the needs around you. I am in prayer right now for you. Moreover I am glad that God is showing you these needs right now, (or at least that you are sharing all these needs right now with us on the blogspot) because we just sent the team off from the church. They are coming. They will not only be able to encourage you and comfort you and your family, but they will also be able to help you in your work there. God has presented these new needs to us at the right time. There will be many people praying over the next few weeks. We love you. Hang in there.
From Paula

Karen D said...

We are praying for you and the people you serve - always. Your family has really made an impact on my life. You've really helped me see what can be done in a world where things often look hopeless. Let our prayers bear you up in the work you do.
With love,
Karen Danner and family

Anonymous said...

The Norwood team in on the plane ... oh .. probably just heading over the Atlantic .... Our prayers are with them and you folks as well.

I am looking forward to hearing the opportunities the Lord leads them into.



David and Jayne Schooler said...

Hey John and Julie,
We agree with all the comments above and are ready to run with you too We see how you and your family have poured youselves into this place and we want to continue to join with you...and we are grandparents! You can't be too old if God calls you!