Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few friends !

We started today off by going with Vlady to look at a large apartment that we are interested in renting for some friends of ours ..( I will tell you more about this when the time is right ) . it would be great for a large family.... We had our new daughters that we got in the trade with us. After looking at the apartment, we had Vlady drop us at the bazaar to get a carpet for one of the new houses... as we came out of the bazaar we went into a bakery for a treat ....Julie commented that she really felt that we should have bought the girls some new clothes ...no sooner had she said that than Sabira discovered what happens if you shake a bottle of coke when the top is not on tight..... so back we went to get a couple of new outfits.... Our neighbor Maria stopped buy to bring us some gifts before we go.... more beautiful socks that she makes... we gave her one of the blankets made by the Hastings knitters.... she was very blessed. Our friend Jenish came buy around 3 for a short meeting with us before we headed to a big party we were hosting... Jenish is one of the most incredible young men I have ever met. He has been a blessing to us and always eager to help... He works with the homeless and those with addictions. He also helps in almost every other humanitarian agency you can think of. We have left him a substantial list of things that we need taken care of in the capital city.. Documents for people and monthly contact etc. to help get people on the right track. At supper he shared one of his needs... He has been helping the homeless for a few years. He funds this out of his own pocket, but his income is VERY low, and he has his aging parents and siblings to support. He asked if I could find a sponsor for $30 a month to help him to buy food for these people....( in case you did not read my earlier posts about the people he helps.... many have escaped from slavery in Kazakhstan, and have had their documents stolen so they can't get proper jobs here. ) Julie and I told him that his request for sponsorship was a no brainier for us and that we would front the money for him until we were able to find him a sponsor..... If your church or organization is looking for a place to start helping over seas, I am telling you this guy will bring you results.... I gave him the money, and he wanted to know how to give us reports... I told him to start posting regularly on his blog...... I will post a link in a few days... but for now...its off to a small party out at the yurts for a FEW of our closest friends..... well a FEW more then eighty that is.... Take a look and you may recognise a few.... This is Jenish on the left and our second bus diver Monnet with his son ( we have out grown 1 bus)

Acel and Talant had some hats made for us.
Do you remember this family...aren't they beautiful
These two aren't quite so beautiful !
This place makes the best Shashlik in town... and the lady who owns the place thinks I am wonderful....

I don't think we have ever taken a photo of Vlady that does not make me smile....here are a few more group shots.

It was great to have this little get together before we go, and still have enough time that we did not have to make our final good buys... it kept the whole evening light and fun.


Ivy Lee said...

ok, I officially miss you guys all over again.

Anonymous said...

One thing i have to say.
VLADDY! uh. miss that guy! i miss everyone!!

-hannah b! <3