Saturday, July 05, 2008

NPC youth first 2 days


So you think you can dance? said...

Okay....John.....that was just plain scary!
The slide show was very moving and inspirational until you started with the dance moves. Dude.....stay of the stage! And please....stop shak'n what your Mama gave yuh!

Anonymous said...

Hey John That was an awesome video Thank so so so much I will be showing that at the church in the am. I did just add a couple things too it, like the bus leaving Norwood! You guys are awesome!!! Love ya and Miss you!! Praying for you always!

Anonymous said...
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LAMb International said...

Dear John and Julie!
Our hearts just continue to rejoice in the work of ministry you are all called to do. In addition, we are there with you in spirit..and anxious for our return in September. Blessings for the servant gifts you bring to the wonderful children and people of Kyrgyzstan. Sorry we will not cross paths there with you and the family - but look forward to seeing you back in Canada to debrief and prepare for the future that God has called for you and for us!

Love in Jesus,
Lynn and Ruby
LAMb International

Mint Man said...

John I hope you didn't hurt anything moving around like that. Lol

Anonymous said...

You are all amazing. I am so proud of you all.

Loves Ya