Monday, June 23, 2008

It's a start !

At supper tonight, it was obvious that these children come with a lot of trauma issues.... Valera sat beside me at the table tonight, and no matter how much he wanted the food put before him, he could not relax with us there... At one point Bekah was swishing away some flies and he flinched. The girls were having a much better time and were excited to see all the Crayola stuff we brought to them. The other girl living here now is Auxana. Auxana was living with her grandfather in town, he is very sick and she was not being looked after . She walked for two days to the village to find Larisa. We realized that it would be much more fun for the kids to go shopping without us, so we gave Larisa $50 for each of them to get them some clothes. We also told her that We will find sponsors for these kids as soon as I get home, but in the mean time we have left her the equivalent of two months sponsorship.... We asked her how she had planned to support the kids... she said that she had no idea, but new someone had to do something. Larisa shared with us how excited they were to pray before there meal... they could not imagine having food to eat. Every night when they go to bed. they pat the sheets with there hands and comment on how beautiful the bed is with white sheets.... the little things that we take for granted... These kids are going to take a lot of work and on going support but both Larisa and PI are in this for the long haul. Over the next couple of weeks, Larisa will start working on getting them to the Dr and the dentist as provisions comes in ....... As we have said for a few years now.... one day the dump will be empty.... One day they will all have a home...a special thank you to all of you who have joined with us to set these beautiful kids on the right track...... This last photo is uploaded at full size if you would like to print it off and put it on your fridge.... They need all the prayer support they can get.
Oh Ya I forgot to tell you about some of the other projects Larisa is working on .... one cost us another $100.... money well spent...... wait until you here this story....maybe tomorrow...

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An overwhelmed freakshow! said...

I do not know why. I am so moved when I look at these kids. It is strange but there is a righteous indignation that rises in my soul! and I both know there are hundreds of children just like them around that region. We will being taking a stand for what is right!