Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not So "Simple Dream's " Part One

Over the last few months while we were putting together "Simple Dreams" for the up coming Web launch , we have come across some not so simple dreams.... Dreams that might be a challenge even by North American standards..... Well today we got the ball rolling on three of those dreams.
With the team coming from Norwood, we have several projects that they will be involved with... Two of them a Children's playgrounds....Kids for Kids !.... Well if you have seen their schedule, you know that they have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of them... so we have started the ball rolling, and they will be here to help complete each project....If our timing is right .... The first stop this evening was to see Gulnara, the director of the village orphanage .... Well you have not seen the happy dance until you have seen this video.


We told her to get the project started, and the we would have the seats brought here from Canada for the swings by the time the playground was ready.....They have been dreaming of this for so long, right away they brought us to the future sight and showed us where everything will be going.... We left her with $500 to get them started, and told her the rest would follow when the team got here............

If that was not enough for one night , we headed to the down town to check on the playground we started there 4 days ago..... This is the sight of the new church/ outreach center that was just opened in the center of the village.... Vera runs a feeding program for the shut ins, and a cafe for those that just need a meal.... From the moment she saw this place, she dreamed of removing an old shed that was there, and putting in a playground for all the kids that are down town.... Well day 4 and the shed is down and the sight is prepared, and the fence is ready to go up.....On the way there, We even stopped and bought a giant slide and a double bench swing... She says the kids were even starting to hover waiting for the playground, ... they were a little Camera shy, but Ed Translated for us ! I just love when the translator gets into the role....


Tomorrow, we will start another project.... Water into the village...... Oh Ya.. and a new recreation room for the Men at the home for invalid men...


dojustlylovemercy said...

I just read your blog daily and cry. What a blessing. What a director to care so much for the children.
For your service and love, "Spasebo" John and Julie, Spasebo.

LaJoy Family said... I am convinced after seeing the Happy Dance...I Want Your Job!!!!
Bless You, My Friend.