Thursday, June 19, 2008

More photos from the village

This Fun day did not just happen... it was because of the generous support of many of our readers that we were able to bring such joy to these kids.... The shoes and snacks money was donate by our long time friends and supporters at Millbrook Christian Assembly.... Over the years they have made an incredible and lasting impact in Central Asia.... and the Ukraine...... They understand The James 1:27 call ( to help the helpless in their need) and continue to live that call in Canada and around the world.... We had a bag of treats for the kids to choose from.... this was an accumulation of all kinds of treats brought by families that have visited us here in Central Asia..... all who have taken the time to find just the right thing to make a kid smile... and put their trust in us to make it happen..... Thank you so much for that opportunity. .... Another incredibly generous donation was for the shirts and shorts for the kids... 150 full sets of the most current fashion trend sports outfits.... This donation did not come from someone that we have worked with for years, but it came from our NEW friends at HEART OF MERCY . I wish I could adequately express the impact that this has made. When we sat with the director, we discussed the need for shoes, but when she gave us the list of shoe sizes, the top of the page included the clothing sizes.... and looking around we recognised the need for new cloths as well..... You know we serve a great big God... a God of abundance.... I just love it when he gives us the opportunity to push things over the top... ask for shoes and get a whole outfit.... ask for a place to stay the night and get given a house......ask for water and get.....Oh I better stop..... just let these photos speak for them selves. dress shoes or sandals... how does one decide ?
Just when he got the last pair broken in. check out the new pair he chose got his new shoes.... now lets get some cloths on him
Ed.... your supposed to drop the bat BEFORE you run !
So that how dental floss works !
Wow the mixed nuts were a hit.
We could not find a pool noodle, so a strip of wet sponge
did the trick!


Freakshow said...

I miss parties like that!
Nothing...I mean nothing....for me anyways can top being at an orphanage when the love, mercy, hope and joy of God is flowing out to orphans. I see the picture of Ed running....I wanna be "on deck". I see the picture of the wet sponge....I wanna let orphans hit me with it. I see the pic of the young lad with new shoes and I want to be somewhere in the crowd fighting tears back.
If I passed from this life in the next minute...I would die a happy man. Seeing these things...being part of them. I would also die a rich man....having friends like the Wrights. I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Good times, thats how I remember my childhood, good times, thank you so much for letting these kids have the same experiences, its days like these that give them hope. Hey I do not see any Baseball Gloves, we're getting quite a flood of them coming in, if anyone reading this has an old baseball glove in good condition let the Norwood Youth Team know we will lieterally take them off your hands and literaly put them on the hands in these pictures :) And keep watching this Blog everyday, as Thin Lizzy sang, "you anint seen nothing yet":)


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

They say "pictures speak a thousand words" .. true but so does the odd comment like "just when he got the last pair broken in" under a picture ....

There it is. The way Ed is scampering he may need new sneakers ....

Great stuff