Friday, June 27, 2008

The Boys are back in Town !


Today it was the older Boys turn to come for a visit to town... We had already set president, so the day began with a trip to the Bazaar... They all got their 200 som and were of on a shopping spree.... anything they wanted... just not over the 200 som... we have been rather strict about this or it could get out of hand. it is so tempting to give them that little extra to get them that special something, but we have refrained... Well today the wheels fell off. The group I had , there were two of the brothers from the house we are helping set up for the family of 5... Torat the oldest and Beksoltan the younger, kept looking at things, but would not buy anything... you could see the excitement peek, then slowly dissipate from the faces as they found something of interest.... I watched , and the items that they declined were in some cases only 20 or 30 som.. then after about 45 min, we worked our way through the market to were the food was... and there eyes lit up... not for candy... not for cookies, not even for chips, pop, cakes, fruits, .....but for clear plastic bags of bulk pasta...rice...flour...and a real treat....1/2 litre of cooking oil...this is what they wanted to spend there windfall on.....

Have you ever noticed that just before you are going to cry, the middle of your nose starts to hurt..... maybe I am just starting to get raw to this.... Why can't a kid be a kid... Why even when we get them away from life's troubles, can't they just experience something fun and exciting without worrying about tomorrow...... I tried to tell him that the money was for him to buy something fun and I would make sure he had food to bring home.... But try as we might, we could not entice them with anything.... so finely I decided that if we bought the food he could relax and enjoy himself. Well we stood there and he began to place his order and we had two people kept busy filling it... Pasta , rice, barley, flour, peas, ... there were about 10 or 12 bags that filled a big sack..... I started to think where is he going to stop now that I am standing here with my wallet out.... well then suddenly his shopping spree was over... the lady totaled everything up and turned the calculator toward me.... 198 som...with that he pulled out his 200 and handed it to her..... I could not believe how he had that all worked out in his head, and how he had no intention of me paying more for it... then my nose started to hurt again.....Well I insisted , and I am bigger so I payed and gave him the 200 some back..... he was ok with this though... because he wanted some medicated cream from the pharmacy for his bad leg and now he had money for that. ...

I am doing to much writing now... maybe I will start showing you some photos....


Freakshow! said...

My nose hurts too!

Anonymous said...

I think that we had better pack way more Kleenex than we have for this trip.
Awesome video, and just maybe through your help these lives you touch can now see that this can be a wonderful world.
I say again and again, its not so much what you guys do, its the passion with which you do it that grabs us all and pulls us into your lives,
Thank you for allowing us to become part of your lives for a few weeks, cant wait to see you all,


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Reports of HNS, "Hurting Nose Sydrome" sweeping the actofkindness blog fmaily.

HNS sufferer


Anonymous said...

Grammy here. As my kids will tell you, I always look for 3 good things in any given HNS situation. Sometimes it takes a lot of searching. After much thought I have two, but need some input from fellow sufferers. #1 These boys are the future of their Country and have taken their place as the head of their family. #2 It tells me that the tears,prayers and effort poured into this family over the years by P.I. & L.O.L. have not gone amiss. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my nose is tingling too.
Spent the day packing up some neat things for you guys to bless others with. John, just so you know, I'm sending 19 bags of small coloured Kraft marshmallows that you can use for the wedding or the picnic or wherever. You decide. Tomorrow is packing day at the NPC. Should be fun.
I'm so happy to see the pictures of those kids from the dump. They are beautiful. God bless Larissa and God bless the Wrights. The team is coming. Can you feel the excitement building?
Love from Paula !!! :)

Ivy Lee said...

I miss you guys!!! This post made even more apparent, you know, with the nose hurting and all.

LAMb International said...

You are so REAL! Love you all! God Bless You.

Lynn and Ruby
LAMb International