Thursday, June 12, 2008

Follow up from the village

We had Laurisa over to the Apartment today to catch up on a little business...
She started contacting all the parties involved with the water for the village ... When she contacted the Town, she was told that The offer to help was really just a promise and that there was just no money for this .... Well she has dug in, and is determined to see this job done... She has told the village that they may have to all kick in a little money, what every they can afford, and that they will all have to do their part, they figure that they can dig a lot of the trench by hand and save some money. We gave them $750 today to get things started , and have another $750 when the Youth team arrives... And have agreed to join them in prayer that God will now move the other half of the mountain.......
We then informed her that we have a sponsor in place to set up the activity room for the Home for invalid men, so to figure out the best and most cost effective way of doing that and that in three weeks, we would bring in a team to help set it up. Then on to the next order of business. A couple of posts back I showed a photo of a small girl in the dump.... it provoked this comment

"There is something seriously wrong with this world when images like these do not stir up any emotion. John, see if you can find out their names and we'll see what we can bring with us to let them know that there is Hope and that they are loved ."
Well I am Happy to tell you that The paper work for Marina and Valira should be completed in two or three days, and they will be moving in with Laurisa..... Now we just need to convince PI's child sponsorship program to register them....either that or give Laurisa a raise !

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Anonymous said...

If Laurisa is not going to adopt the little girl and her brother from the dump (as I am assuming the names mentioned belonged to them) Would you arrange for us to sponsor these "Treasures in the Trash" ?
email me @
Thanks still seems too weak a word, but thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen serving so well with the heart and hands of Yahweh.
Blessings from the Bencics