Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"UPDATES" A Roller Coaster of Emotions

I will try to give a quick up date on some of the " Projects " that we have been working on..... Heart breaks and sorrows keep cropping up... sometimes we are to late, sometimes despite all that we try to do... it just does not make a difference... Fortunately this is just interspersed amongst some incredible victories. So Here goes .... From the Top
Altynbek and his sister Sophia have been in the TB hospital in the capital city for the last 2 months and will be home soon.... Their father had died of TB and when their mother came to relinquish them, she was also sick.... All the kids in the Orphanage have been skin tested, and the older kids have had chest x-rays, and these two tested positive to the skin test, but have passed the other tests... just to be sure, they have been kept in the capital city and put on meds to ensure they will be OK. Anya has visited them and brought them hugs and presents.

The lady bending over here looking at the seeds we brought is Lenya she got sick shortly after this photo, and despite the help of Sergei and Anya and her neighbour Ira, she died last week , leaving two new kids in the town orphanage.... Ira has been given trust of the house until the kids are old enough, and is currently looking for funds to set up a drug rehab center there for woman.

This one is a real heart breaker ... Elenya with the two adopted kids and the teeth trouble, went to the dentist last week... they took a look and sent her to the cancer hospital.... her jaw is full of cancer, they will be operating tomorrow... David and Jayne along with our friends at the Mercy foundation have told her not to be concerned with the cost... It is a scary thing for her.... please remember her in your prayers .

Tomorrow, we will be bringing the Shirt Man from the market to the village orphanage ( Amir's orphanage) with us... We will have a fun day... 7 groups .... 7 activities.... one station will be to get new soccer outfits and running shoes. I will post more photo's tomorrow...

They have started digging the trench for water to the village.... Apparently the city thought they would never come up with the money when they said they would help.... but never thought it would happen .... so Laurisa has told them that they asked God for 1500 so that is what they got... now they must all get busy and all take a part in the digging and get the job done... and knowing Laurisa....It will get done.!

When the Team gets here from Norwood, They will help us outfit this room at the home for invalid men.... It will be a real recreation room complete with TV ...VCR... chairs tables craft supplies heaters and much more... thanks to one of our readers.

Speaking of the generosity of our readers. We have $500 toward an Apple Lap Top..... I know this is selfish, but this one sure makes me giddy.... what can I say...I am human.
Note from Julie- it is not totally selfish as our computor crashes on a regular basis causing endless amounts of frustration

Last but not least this darling little girl and her brother will not be hiding from us any more..... In fact we are going to get to know her much better.... she and her brother are now living with Laurisa in her home along with another young girl that was in a crisis situation.... As soon as We get home and get things organized, .. these three kids will be available for sponsorship.... and if you are thinking " Oh I want to sponsor her" ..... We can find many more just like here. ..... It makes me think of the sick feeling I got when I brought the team from PI out to the dump.... As we were driving down the lane, I said to Julie.... "I hope there are lots of people here today"......then the reality of that statement hit me, it bothered me for a long time.... I don't really want anyone to be there, I just wanted the team to see what it would be like for the people there . ....likewise I hope we run out of kids to sponsor.... unfortunately.... I think I have a long job ahead of me.


Freakshow said...

You freak!
I hope you have to come to me in 3 months and tell me that you need admin help and an assistant. C'mon now! Keep chasing the dream Johnny!

David and Jayne Schooler said...

It is so incredible to see all these projects, (which really means ministry to people) come alive. Ed told me tonight that John and Julie are the best kept secret in missions around the world. You have made a lasting and unforgettable impact!

TheHappyNeills said...

I pray regularly for Sophia and Altynbek--I talked with you awhile ago about them. I keep a picture of them and pray all the time. Praying through tears that the Lord keeps them strong and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Dear John and Julie,
thank you for the update. It is very informative and helps us know better how to pray.
Love paula