Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well Baby ... you just ain't seen nothing yet !!

We have spent a few days this week preparing for a team of friends from our home churches youth group.
There is just so much that we want to do with them, but we have to scale back because there is only so much time in a day. They have a few main projects in the two short weeks they will be here.

1) Family day in the townlay pground for community
2) Build a play ground in the village
3) Build a play ground at the village orphanage
4) Get a family from the orphanage settled into there new home... animals included
5) bring the kids from two orphanages on outings
6) help renovate a local church in town.

They will also have opportunity to find some other smaller projects that will make life changing impacts.

This seems like an awful lot, but I have had the privilege of working with this team before, and they are all an incredible bunch. In fact in the last 7 months they have worked to raise there own expense money. ...that works out to over $40 000.
On top of that, they have a goal of raising another $10 000 for projects while they are here...The energy and enthusiasm that they bring will be un believable .... something that will leave an un measurable impact here .

They have had some set backs. The price of airline tickets has gone up considerably, and they now have an additional $5000 to raise it does not seam like much, but this little village of 1300 has already helped send us, the Avp team, raised ticket money for the kids , and continues to actively support their regular missions projects around the world .

This will be that last big push for us before we return to Canada and they will help us wrap up projects that we are currently working on . If any of you are wondering and thinking about how to get involved or would like to help, Now is your chance... with all the expense money already raise , they are at the point that 100% of the donations received will be used for projects here .... There are not many humanitarian aid organizations out there that can offer that. Over the last few months of blogging You have seen and witnessed the impact that we have been able to make ......." Well Baby... you just ain't seen nothing Yet " I have a dream that together we can make an impact in Central Asia so great , that it's effects will be felt for generations to come. So here is the"Big ask." .... Please help us make this dream come true. !

To help out, simply click on the Canada helps link on the top right of the blog..... select "The Wright Stuff" from the drop down screen and in the memo box type "Youth team"

Here is a rough draft of the team schedule

Friday 4th
5:15 am arrive in Capital City
7:00pm Movie night at the town orphanage

Saturday 5th
Visit the village orphanage See the projects that we will be working on in the village......
playground at orphanage .......playground down town ...... building a barn and a coal shed for a family

Sunday 6th
10:00 am Service at Russian Church
4:00 pm Cater Wedding

Monday 7th
8:30 to 2:00 Village Projects
3:00 Little kids from Orphanage to Park and supper in town

Tuesday 8th
8:30 to 2:00 Village Projects
4:30 picnic and games with town orphanage

Wednesday 9th
8:30 to 2:00 Village Projects

2:00 picnic and games and town Ferris wheel with med. aged kids from village orphanage

Thursday 10th
8:30 am Older kids from village to the lake and spend the night in the Yurt camp lake .. and sight seeing on the way .

Friday 11th
8:30 pm Arrive home from Mountains

Saturday 12th
9:00 am Work bee at the local church in town, followed by a trip to the Tower and the mountains with their older youth and the collage students

Sunday 13th
8:00 get animals at the Bazaar for the village family ...( those that want to go )
12:00 service @local church in town
4:00 to 8:00 Family day at the park with the Russian Church ...singing skits and face paint and ice cream

Monday 14th
9:00 VBS at the town church
11:00 serve lunch at the VBS church

Tuesday 15th
10:00 Leave town for a day in the capital city shopping and to the big Bazaar. spend the night at the Guest house in the capital city

Wed 16th
Leave for home .... early early


Anonymous said...


You are one Crazy Guy about to get a Team of a similar nature. The team is ready and paid for, now raising money for the projects. We are praying big so we can witness a rather large God dent in Kyrgyzstan in July 2008 like non has seen before. We will then all be able to remember when the mountains moved PTL.

Hold on, its going to be a wid ride :)


Dan :)

Anonymous said...


You have alrady made an impact that will be felt for generations...I can not amagin what more your family could do. I eagerly check daily to see what you are up to next !

Anonymous said...

Grace just picked up a white shirt for catering the wedding. Tomorrow we will go out for presents for those 3 kids. Looking forward to the adventures!