Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So the kids at the town orphange have a dose of the Chicken Pox ... if that was not bad enough, every dot has to be covered in the green mystery paint. So we had a few less with us when we went swimming with them todayThis is Anya... she is new here last week

This is my little buddy from the market. He pushes the cart for me , and is always watching for me when I am at the market.. we usually pay him way too much, and buy him a bag of fresh fruit. He was happy to see us at the watering hole, and had a turn on the raft .these two spent a little to long in the water and needed time to warm up!

... This was going to be our last week for supper with them, but now they will not get to go to Camp because they don't want to contaminate the rest of the kids. It was a treat for us because they did the cooking... We had Fried zucchini with cheese and the kids favourite...Monty.... The day was full of traditional Central Asian feasts.... we were invited to lunch today at the home of our Taxi driver... Kazbec and his family. They live on a pension of 1700 sum.. that's $61 a month. This is his compensation for being shot in the hip while he was a captain in the army in Central Asias... He now rents a car and drives taxi to help support there family... They are a very nice couple and I am sure we will use him more in the future. It turns out that her brother lives in Toronto... we will bring some things home for him. Kazbec is hoping to get work in Moscow for a couple years, so they can afford to come back to Central Asia and adopt a boy from the orphanage. Unlike international Adoption, this can be done for free... they just would like to make sure that they can provide the basic necessities .


Hilary Marquis said...

Oh No, not the green goo! Poor kids, chicken pox are miserable. Any way to do an oatmeal bath over there? When Anara was itchy we put dry oats in a coffee grinder and then dumped about 1/2 cup in the water. Looks like you had a great time swimming :)

Anonymous said...

That green iodine brings back uzbek memories ...

keep well and only a few days before the Norwood team comes!



Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never seen anything like it before. Green dots! That's really something. Does the medicine work well? We should try that here!
- Paula

TheHappyNeills said...

Praise our Lord for this man's desire to adopt!!! I'm curious if there's a way that we foreigners can help. All of us adoptive families do fundraisers/ask for donations from people, and people give because it's such a worthy husband and I are committed to helping other families adopt, financially. We can't do much right now, but we do what we can. Can we foreigners help this family help an orphan somehow? The thought of him having to work for YEARS when he's willing to be a parent to an otherwise-orphan is SAD.