Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where's Waldo ?

We were a little late in the day when we got to the dump, and we thought that there was no one there.... I guess since we did not have Laurisa with us, the kids were afraid of us... even the food we brought could not draw them out of hiding.... If you take a quick look It is hard to see them , but as you look closely they begin to emerge...... It's like a really sick game of Where's Waldo ... From across the dump with a telephoto lens we were able to spot this little girl sneaking a peek to see if we were still there......... Possibilities International is actively working with Larisa to make photo's like this a thing of the past.
We showed this photo to Larisa... she told us that this girl is here at the dump with her 4 year old brother...... judging from her position, I can visualize her hiding him.


Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with this world when images like these do not stir up any emotion.

John, see if you can find out thier names and we'll see what we can bring with us to let them know that there is Hope and that they are loved :)


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

"treasures in the trash" is what Cathy Mainse calls them. I want to ask why, but my heart breaks at the too often repeated answer. If she and her little brother have no sponsor to scoop them up yet, could we please have this priviledge?
Judy Bencic

Anonymous said...

Dear John and Julie, please, what can I do to help those kids in the dump? Where can they go? Where are their parents? Where do they sleep at night? Please, can you keep us updated on what is happening with them?
Love from Paula (with tears)
Praying daily.