Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not so Simple Dreams

Dr Tatyana is the heart Dr here in town... I know it is because hearts are her specialty, but I think it is more because she has a really big heart.... We have watched and seen how she not only treats her patient, but cares for their entire family.... She and her husband Vlady have also been a great help to families in town for adoptions... Vlady works as a translator, tour guide and driver, but his favorite role it that of proud Grandpa to visiting children.... Day or night they are on call to help out and even make house calls. They are people that Care... and that's why we want to bless them.... Tatyana is the Dr that we shared a need of blood test strips for... she knows that they are as much as $1 each and tries to be as sparing as possible.... Now watch as we deliver her over 1200 test strips that were just brought to her from an adopting family.

And if that was not enough, we also brought her a large bag of Vitamins for rickets, minerals, prenatal vitamins, cold meds for adults and kids.... you name it, she now has it...... What a blessing it was to bring such joy to her today.... thank you to everyone that had a part in this not so simple dream.

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Lisa B and Family said...

John, you are so kind to let us enjoy and share in the giving.