Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sneek peek.

We were just so excited after today, that I just had to give you another sneek peek of one of the projects that we have been working on.

Without intervention, this family would have ended up in an orphanage or on the street ........ To catch the full storey when it breaks, keep your eye on the Possibilities International blog


Sloan said...

This is so glorious! Praise God! I wept as I watched this beautiful family receive this blessing! You guys are a huge gift to so many and truly the hand of God to orphans and widows!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Crying! Satin may try to mess things up...but he will not win!

Praying without ceasing,
Tim & Hilary

Jamie said...

Wow! Amazing...what a gift. i am sure you see so much that breaks your heart- it's wonderful that you are blessed with moments like these that help remind you that God is right by your side.

The Freakshow! said...

You did it to me again! Lol!
PI is thrilled to purchase this house and have this wonderful family live there. We are still $1500 short in what we need....but I am prepared to sell lemonade on a roadside stand if that is what it takes.
I cannot wait to go and visit Aksanna and her children!

Anonymous said...

Dear John and Julie, this blog really stirred some things in my heart.
- pjk