Saturday, June 14, 2008

Because it needs to be Done !

In the spring of 2003, Julie and I made our first trip into Central Asia. We saw and experienced things that we had heard of, but did not necessary believe. This began what has become more than just an interest, but a passion. Ever since then we have made regular trips into the region, and worked in Canada to bring awareness for those that we have met and worked with. We have had the privilege of building friendships with some of the most incredible people you could ever imagine. People that have put everything on the line to care for the hurting, helpless, and the lost... people who are prepared to step out with or without the financial backing, prepared to do the job because it needs to be done...I have watched and seen the fruits this type of commitment can produce.... A Year ago we assisted with the creation of a child sponsorship program in Central Asia and Guatemala as a way to provide some support to many of the kids that our friends have been caring for... This trip while here with our daughters , we have had a chance to evaluate ... if only in our own minds... the impact that this program has made..... What we have found is that with the economic conditions now being faced, this program has become a life line to the kids... It not only provides supplemental food, but also medical supplies, cleaning supplies, clothing and other necessary items for the kids. Sponsorship money also brings the kids on outings ... things that they would otherwise never experience... It hires teachers and provides uniforms and school supplies, it builds activity rooms for disabled kids and provides them with opportunity to make beautiful crafts.. it gives us on going contact with the someone that knows them by name... someone that can take the time to show them that they are special...that they are individual. The impact of this program is more then I can adequately describe. In fact it is such a vital link that we felt that it really needs to have a lot more attention payed to it. People need to know just what kind of impact they are making... and they need to know that there are still thousands of children and families ,and maybe one day even Seniors that could be impacted through the sponsorship program. We felt so strong about this, that we have been preparing a proposal for Possibilities International that include us taking a key role in solidifying and even expanding this ministry. As we were preparing to contact Sam (PI. Executive director) to discuss this, I received an email from him asking if I would consider accepting the position of "Possibilities International Child Sponsorship Director" . The very position God had laid on our hearts. So it is with great excitement that I have excepted this call. Over the next few months I will be raising our own on going support , so that we can keep our attention focused on building and expanding the impact that is being made. So like those wonder full examples that God has placed before me, I am prepared to do the job.... because it needs to be done.
As this story unfolds, you will find updates here as well as on the PI Blog and the PI Web Sight


Jen Sole said...

Congratulations John! Who could predict the wonders of what God dreamed for you when "He knit you together inside your mother's body"! We are so pleased and excited to hear of this wonderful posting. May God richly bless this ministry as it grows and brings glory to His name. Jen & Jamie Sole

The Freakshow said... can do so many things. You are extremely gifted and absolutely brilliant. However, that is not why we have asked you to join PI. It is a plus, no doubt, but we are thrilled to have you on the team because of who you are. Having travelled with you quite a bit I have gotten to know your character and your heart. Your are a "freakshow" my friend. Your stories of your family being in Kyrgyzstan has truly inspired me. Your wife (Julie) is a relational machine and Emma and Bekah....well....I think they are the bomb! We at PI look forward to changing the world.... one life at a time.

miker said...

Congratulations John!

This is the first time I have posted a comment John, and I am not sure if you are going to get this twice (I am such a computer moron), but I just had to tell you that it is so obvious that God has placed a very specific call on your (and your family's)life. It is so encouraging to watch you walk in that calling.

You reflect the Lord man! Inspires us all!!

Love you all!!

Mike and Kim Rutter

Anonymous said...

Oh Johnny!
Sam couldn't have asked for a better gentleman for the job!
I am so excited within my soul at the possibilities that lie ahead.
I was wondering what may come out of this trip in the end.
God is so gracious and His grace will continue to abound over these beautiful Asian brothers and sisters as you put your hand to the plow in that very fertile soil.
Love and blessings to you all,
The Bencics

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing the Mountains Tremble, awesome news on the new position with PI, rare is the day when people find what they are looking for in this world.



Lisa B and Family said...

I am so happy you have an official title for your calling!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations John. Please tel me, when it is apprpriate, what I can do to help. My daughter was well cared for at Tokmok.



Anonymous said...

John, Julie, Emma & Bekah

Continue picking up the challenges.

God speed in all your endevours.


don said...

Wow! Congrats Bro! You will do an amazing job. I'm wondering what this all actually means. I look forward to finding out. Give hugs and kisses to all..

Jes said...

Congratulations John! How exciting for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations's about time, eh??..well deserved..I know you will pass with flying colours as God has chosen you and you family...PTL! love, pat

Mike said...

Truly exciting and inspiring news! Godspeed.