Monday, June 02, 2008

And the birthday Continues

This morning we went to the orphanage in time for the opening of the day care/kindergarten. This will be such a boost for the entire community it is so right on many levels. Many of the parents in the village are at work through the day and there is no one left to look after the kids. It is not uncommon to leave a one or two year old home alone. They simply tie them to a tree, or dig a whole in the field were they are working and put the children in the hole. These many times are the kids that wind up in the orphanages. By providing a full day Care with meals included, it will be the break that is needed to keep families together ... Those that are able to pay will pay a small fee that will enable the orphanage to hire teachers. The day care will also be able to look after the small kids from the orphanage as well. We brought them a bunch of children's puzzles and pillows for the beds. They were put to use right away. It was obvious that they were hand made. They were all different...just like the quilts ... It's so great to teach the kids that like the pillows.... they are all special...they are all different....and they are all beautiful. At lunch time we loaded the older kids onto the bus to head out for Emma's birthday lunch.... ( We could not celebrate with these girls on her real birthday because they were in exams.) Before leaving the village, they all came out with a card and presents for the girls... they are celebrating Bekah's birthday today as well as we will be in Canada then.. We had lunch at our favorite town resteraunt ... they tried a little of everything on the menu.. After lunch, they all came back to the house.. We will have a sleep over... manicures and pedicures... pizza and popcorn and movies.... We will also have Ivy over tonight to teach jewlery making ... she brought all her stuff with her , and we have a bunch of supplies we brought with us... Tomorrow we will be going to the bazaar with them to shop for supper at the town orphanage then out for shashleek.... They will go home tomorrow night after visiting town. Once again Ishar watched with happy contentment.

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Anonymous said...

This blog touched my heart. You know I am praying for this pre-saved man, Ishar, as I'm sure others are as well. He has the book of John in Russian language. Tell him Paula wants to know if he has read it yet. :)
- pjk