Sunday, June 22, 2008

A time to Sow... A time to Dream !

This morning we went to Larisa's church... she had her new family there... all morning they were excited that they would be seeing us at church today.... a far cry from a few weeks ago when they were at the dump.... trying so hard not to be seen... we will be having supper with them tomorrow night, and will be watching closely to see what we can do to bless the socks off them which won't be hard since they probably only have one pair .... If you want to be a part of
this.... we are open to suggestions ... here's how...

step 1) leave us a comment telling us how you would like bless them .....
step 2) Go to the Canada helps link at the top of the page and leave the appropriate donation
step 3) I will try to post the followup photo's in the next week...
in fact just in case, I will set aside 3 hours to go to the bazaar before we go see them... and will post the follow up tomorrow....

I have come to learn that any support that we can give Larisa and her endeavors is good soil... so lets do some planting.... ...

Now is your turn to dream .....


Freakshow said... are my hero!
Count Vee and I in for $100 baby!
Will send with team from Norwood.
By the way....start working on (you likely have been already) PI Child Sponsorships and how they will work and what will maybe make them unique. gotta know we are gonna add those three to the list baby!

Anonymous said...


We are packing already, and I'm sur ethat we will have extra to bless these ones as well, let us know any last needs buddy,



Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,
I gave the parcel and $ to Jaimie yesterday for Larisa and these 3 beauties, so it will come with them.
Good soil indeed. Thanks for making the privilege possible if it wasn't for knowing you guys, and you going, my family wouldn't have this unique priviledge.
As soon as possible give our treasures a big NPC hug from us.
Love ya,
Ed, Judy, Sarah & Rachael xoxoxox