Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Picking up the pace !

So today started like any other.... We got up ....That's when we realised that this was not a day like any other, but maybe it was more like 3 or 4 days in One.... We Packed quickly and met up with Sergei and Anya and headed out to the village.... One of our families of five + mom , is living in their new home now.... The problem is that they have only 3 single beds and three blankets... So our first stop was to visit them.. We dropped off 6 brand new comforters, 6 sets of sheets and 6 brand new pillows...
( Mom is out... probably milking the cows at the orphanage, and the other little boy is a cousin)
and let them know that we have ordered 3 more mattresses for them.... The kids were so excited... I think we even heard a little squeal out of one of the more reserved kids... We left Bekah and Emma there for a visit, and headed over to bring some clothes to Vera, and check to see how the playground was coming along.... The fence is now up, and they have began pouring the last section of the border.... From there , we met up with the man we are buying the house from, and completed the deal... Here is the exchange of keys, and here is the exchange of Money.... ... We are going to put two homeless families in here.. One in each building.... More on that to follow..... we just did not have time to show the house to them today, so maybe Friday.... we will keep you posted on this one..... We bought this house with many of the furnishings... we figured that who ever was in there would be starting with nothing, so anything would be a start..... well maybe they don't need these glasses.... After closing the house deal, we went over to the Orphanage where we were meeting up with the girls... We got there in time to give out photo's.... Many of the kids in orphanages never get to see themselves in photos, and to be handed a few of photos of them over the last few months..... well it was so moving...I watched as some of the kids would pull away from the group and just sit with there photos by themselves... I went over to them and lay down beside them so we would be at the same level, and they all took turns showing me and telling me all about who was there and when the photo was taken.... Julie and the girls had the same little discussions going on..... The video is a little long, but watch it and put yourself into their place if just for a few minutes.

From there we gathered up quickly and headed back to town where we did a little shopping and then went by the Bible College.... what was happening next required re enforcements... All hands on deck.... We took about 15 students, Ed and Natasha, Pastors Ted and Gloria, David and Jayne and Natalya , along with Sergey and Anya, Vlady and Christina oh Ya..and our buddy from the market and his Son. 1 Bus and 3 cars, and headed to the village where we new we could have as many as 150 kids waiting for us.... Fortunately 1/2 of them are at camp right now so it was a little more manageable..( the disappointing thing is that our little buddy Amir was not there... they say he is at camp....something to look into ) We divided the kids into 5 groups and set up 5 stations, then rotated the kids through each station.... We had Baseball , Soccer, Water games... great on a hot day, and a snack station where they all got a CAN of Pop and a cup full of trail mix... along with a prize.... just like McDonald's.... All this was meant to distract them and get them into small enough groups so that our friends from the market had time to fit each child with a soccer Jersey and shorts, and let the kids choose a pair of shoes from the wide selection there... in each size, there were a choice of sandals, dress shoes, or running shoes.... Probably the first time many of these kids have had a choice.... The men from the market were amazing... smiled the whole time and so patient with the kids....3 1/2 hours later we were on our way... only two more stops, ..... but I will tell you about them another time...
Oh shoot... I forgot to tell you about the amazing night we had last night with the kids at the town orphanage.... well maybe Jayne will fill you in over at their blog... if not I will try to play catch up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

One day in the life of SOAR Believers.

Keep up the good work .. things are rapidly coming together on our end and the team is chewing at the bit!



Freakshow said...

What an inspiration you are to me.
You are indeed a "freak"!
I bet your new boss is pumped to have you on the team!