Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Down Day

So Today is a down day for us... The team from Norway is off to the lake with Sergey and Anya , Christean is off to see her mom. Ed is visiting friends in the capital city.... and we are exhausted.. at one point Yesterday, I was on the computer and Skype, Julie was on the cell phone and home phone at the same time, and someone was ringing the door bell.....and we were 5 min. past when were were meant to leave the house for a meeting .... Today ... I had one goal..... to build the perfect club sandwich and fries. ... After 4 full months here, the only thing I have not found is the extra long tooth pics. So off I went to the Market this morning.... Apparently once it is over 100 degrees ... you can't buy lettuce, the bacon I spotted 2 months ago was the very same one found today, the hard cheese, you could spread with a knife it was so hot, the sandwich bread I found last week... must have been a fluke.... the rotisserie chicken had a nice batch of raw chickens put in the cooker above them ...yuck... But I did find and am home with a small pack of extra large toothpicks.... so that pretty much makes today a great success.


Anonymous said...

Grammy says,"I'll make you one when you get home - with fresh everything, just bring the toothpicks!"

Ben Wright said...

the rotisserie chicken reference reminded me of a hilarious story I will now share:

"Once upon a time, Josh Singh worked at a Sobey's grocery store in Halifax. He was assigned to the deli, and was placed on rotisserie chicken duty. So, he loaded that rotisserie chicken oven up with a dozen or so nice, plump chickens, turned on the machine, set the timer and went about his business. An hour passed, and Josh came back to check on his roasting birds. He expected to see some hot hens. Instead, to his dismay, the cooker was full of soap suds. He had set the machine to "clean" instead of "cook". Josh proceeded to take off his apron, put on his jacket, and go outside for a break, never to return again."