Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

We would just like to say "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" Dad! Thanks For being that Father that some kids have never had. You should be proud of yourself..... you've got 61 children loving you as a father.

And if they could tell you something right now, they would all say, "Thanks Dad!!"
-love Emma and Bekah-


MIsty Eyed Freakshow! said...

Now you have your daughters posting and making me misty eyed! C'mon! Give me a break here! lol!
Great job girls!

Hilary Marquis said...

Well done ladies! Not only is your father amazing, but he has raised to very find young ladies. Thank you for sharing your daddy with the hurting and the lost.

Anonymous said...

Grammy asks,"Do I have to change my E-Mail address again,from '8' to '69'? " Just say the word.

Lisa B and Family said...

Thank you girls for sharing your loving and generous parents. I am sure you have made sacrafices over the years for the compassion they have for the needy. But you have gained much more by not only witnessing their faith, but by joining in their work.
God has blessed your family. And we, readers, are richer for the experience of seeing that happen.

LaJoy Family said...

Some are fathers to a one...or two...or even a couple more. Some are called to be fathers to many, many more. John, you are the single father figure to so many, and it is obvious that this is a calling in your life that your precious family understands and can see. You are blessed in a million ways, but the biggest blessing just might be the two who wrote this posting for you and who have participated in your own Simple help the hurting. They are a testament to your fathering, as are the many whose lives you are all touching. So VERY hear that you will continue to follow the path God has sent you down.

Happy Father's Day!