Friday, June 20, 2008

More Good-byes

Today we said good-bye to more then just Eds team..... We said good bye to some of our new friends that have been here for the last month while adopting their new babies... It has been great to get to know them and we have had a lot of fun over the last month... They have been with us to the mountains, visited the orphanage, and they even helped us with the crafts when we had a sleep over for the older girls... All in all we have had a lot of fun...I'm sure Grandpa Vlady will be missed as much as I am sure he will miss them....
They had an opportunity to get to Know Asel and her husband Talent... It was so nice when just hours before they were to leave, Talent prayed a prayer of blessing on these kids.... I almost did not post this, but there are so many adopting families out there that follow this blog, that I am sure would love to have this prayer extend to their children as well. He is praying that they would be strong... healthy... that they would have an easy transition into their new life... He is praying that they would grow up to be Honorable citizens , and that they would be shining examples and ambassadors for there Birth country... and most of all he is praying that they would be strong in their faith and lead a life that would be uplifting to God.......I think that is a prayer that every parent prays at some point..... listen and be blessed. ....Claim it for your own!

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Lisa B and Family said...

Thank you again John for thinking of all of us hopeful parents in waiting!