Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Hero

We are so excited to have a real hero for the cause here in Central Asia.... Ed Dickson... the happy guy on the left..( Eddie Spaghetti ) is here for two weeks. He joined us for supper last night at the town orphanage where we cooked a spaghetti dinner for the kids and their visitors from Norway.... This team from Norway represents a much larger group that works hard to pack and ship humanitarian aid containers to Central Asia.....They visited a few of the orphanages, and then they have headed to another town..
We are looking forward to having Ed along with us whenever he is available.. It was through Ed that we learned that missions is all about a willing heart.... Just take the time to let people know that they are loved and God will look after everything else. We have seen this play out in his life as we have had the privilege to travel with him. From the wealthy North American churches to the homes for the disabled in Central Asia .... His message is the same.... You are loved !


The Freakshow! said...

Ed Dickson is a "freak" of nature. I do not know what kind of water he has been drinking but the whole world needs a shot of it!

Anonymous said...

If it was'nt for Ed, none of us would have caught this fire that he has for anyone who is lost, anywhere in the world.
As with the Wrights, and the Weltons He is the Real Deal.
On one hand I can count the MEN who truly inspire me, Ed is one of them. The rest of you know who you are :)


Dan :)