Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Extra help at the town orphange

This morning was a slow start. I think if it were not for the Phone and the door bell ringing so much, They would all still be in bed..... We started the day off with Bacon and eggs with home fries. Then went to the Bazaar... We gave them each 200 sum to spend.. they bought shoes and sun glasses and a few other things .. ( and no Ron.... they did not cost $20 lol), We also did the grocery shopping for Supper at the town orphanage. For lunch we went out to the Yurts and had Shashleek...It was the best I have had since we got here....When we got back to the apartment, some of the girls helped Emma get the craft ready for the kids and the others helped Bekah and I cook supper... We had tuna stuffed tomatoes on a bed of egg noodles with cheese sauce... then we had cake for desert. The craft went great they made paper flowers and it was neat to see the village girls take the lead with the younger kids. When it came time to go, the girls came into the house and went right to bed, except for one who went in and sat on a stool in front of the tv ...that was not on... and said... I do not want to go..... It's such a fine line between wanting them to experience a normal family life ( not that we are your normal family....thought I would add that before the comment bar went into overdrive) and making them miss what they don't have....It's hard, but I really think that they need to see a functioning family unit..... it just made us realise how difficult things are going to be next month when we have to go


The Freakshow! said...

I am totally overwhelmed as I read about how you are blessing the older girls from Orlofka and then having them partner with you in blessing other children in Orphanages. Unbelievable!

LaJoy Family said...


I don't know why, but this post has hit me hard. I am putting myself momentarily into the shoes of these older kids who all yearn for a family as much if not more than a younger child...and really having an understanding of all they have missed. I totally know what you are saying about that fine line for them...it is important that they see how a family works, but how hard that must be to sit amongst what you know you will never have, at least not as a child. Can you begin to imagine the thoughts running through their heads as they went to sleep that night? The "what if's" and the "I wish's"?? Ahh, now I am in tears.

And I am wondering how we all can keep you there permanently rather than having you come home...so much more to be accomplished, so much more God wants to see done. Thanks for what you are doing, for being God's representative. I wish we were in a position at the moment to offer more than our gratitude and our comments. Perhaps if you make another trip, we can do more than follow along and can contribute with more than prayer, but we too have a mission to fulfill I guess.

God is smiling on you and your family John, can you feel Him touching you?


Anonymous said...

How awesome God is and imagine how he can use such a wonderful family as you are. Thanks for making me cry, again....
Wishing we were there,