Monday, September 15, 2008


After over 550 posts, and almost 25,000 hits on this blog, today I write what has probably been my most difficult entry. In fact I have worked on this for almost a month now, and every time it leaves me staring at a blank screen. I guess there is too much riding on it … I am feeling the weight of hundreds now, and thousands to come, on my shoulders. If you have been reading the comments on the blog, and if you could see the emails I have been receiving, you would see the ground swell of support that is starting to form for the sponsorship program. I have talked about it and alluded to it, and if you have been following the blog, you will see the amazing things that have happened through sponsorship, but there is still a lot to be done before we can put wind behind the sails.
We want to make a difference…more then just clothes or medical supplies…we are about quality of life…we are about restoring dignity. I have a vision… I guess it is easy for me as I have seen it first hand…. Through the generous gifts of readers like you we have seen things like;
Teachers hired
Food and medicine supplied

Kids on outings and picnics
Families transformed
Farms built
Families reunited
and cared for
Water restored for entire villages
Heaters and activity center for the invalid men

And even a dozen chicks to help a senior in her retirement

This list can go on and on and still just touch the surface of what we experienced over the last six months! I have had kids and grown men alike collapse in my arms crying saying, “You said you would come back… and you did!” Or others say that another world relief agency helps them… they come once a year and bring us each 1 Kg of rice (2.2lbs). At P.I. we have determined, we will not be remembered as the “One Hit Wonder.”
To bring organization to this magnitude of sponsorship in all the locations we are currently involved with will take time and resources, but we can start where we are with the people we know.
Possibilities International currently supports people all over Central Asia and parts of Central America that are not waiting for the finances… they are doing what they can with what little they have. As a family we are primed and ready to go; we will work from Canada for a short time until things are in place, then it is our desire that each year we would spend a total of six months (yes Ed, I said 6!) in Central Asia. The other six months we will spend in the U.S. and Canada visiting businesses, churches and individuals to raise awareness and to keep them connected.
Over the past few months I have found it increasingly easier to “ask” on behalf of kids with their outstanding needs, but I must admit I find it harder to talk about my own family’s needs… The fact is that we have come home broke! (I am sure this is no surprise to any of you that have been following the blog.) We are not regretting our decision to live in Central Asia, nor the personal funds we expended to meet needs there – we would do it all again! But we have realized that to be effective over the long haul we need to partner with others.
As a result we have decided to join forces with Possibilities International and have accepted the full time role of “Director of Sponsorships.” In this capacity, we are responsible for raising our own salary. We are still planning on our trips to Central Asia, leading teams and being facilitators. In fact, we are confident that this will give us more opportunities, more resources, and more effectiveness as we “take it to the next level” to help these kids and their families who are in desperate need.
Now more than ever, I need your help…I need you to partner with us. Many of you have wanted to be a part of this next step, and have been waiting until we are able to issue tax receipts for the U.S. as well as Canada…. Well thanks to P.I. that is now in place, and we are ready to take the plunge!
If you are interested in helping us help the hurting, helpless and hopeless of Central Asia, whether a one time gift or on going support, please contact me by dropping me a note at I can direct you as to the easiest way to give and make sure you get a tax receipt for your donation. I am hoping to hear from you soon.


Lori said...


God bless your family for the wonderful things you have done and will do...we certainly will do our very best to support and help, but know that our prayers are free and frequent!

LAMb International said...

Your heart speaks clearly. Be blessed and know you are in our prayers for the miracle of full support - and that we become neighbors once again - not in Ontario - but in Kyrgyzstan! We will talk about how we too can help. Love you all!

LaJoy Family said...


I know how hard this is for ask for support that you consider to be personally for you and your family. It is not easily done, and it is far easier to give than receive. I had this very conversation last night with the person helping us financially with our adoptions and now I read your heart spilled here and do know exactly what you are feeling, I really do.

You are the agent we are all sending over there to do the work we want to see done! You are God's Main Man in this place, you are so obviously being used by Him and you can't do it alone. And you are not doing it for yourself but so you can help others. I urge you to see it differently as I am having to see our family differently as well...we are not "sponges" begging money or taking it with abandon, we are the only agents of change ready, willing and able to change the world for our daughters...and we need help to do it. We are His tools, and others are involved as well. It is not swallowing your pride, John, it is seeing it the way it really is. Help is needed, someone needs to facilitate it, others want to give it, the Facilitator needs money to live on and needs to be supported as well or others can't be helped.

And there is NO ONE better suited than you.

Our family loves you, John.


TheHappyNeills said...

Thank you, Wright family for stepping up to His calling to be a GO-ER! Praying that many SENDERS are called up! We will do what we can!

Anonymous said...


In the deserts around the world, people still live there, 99% of the time, there is no water, but they still stay, because every year the rains come back, even for only 1% of the time. And thats enough Hope to keep them going, in that 1% they plant thier crops and advance a little further than last year. That hope and Faith in the rains coming every year is why they do not give up.
JJBE you are the rain in many peoples lives in Kyrgyzstan, you are the living water that they look for every year, and even though you are not there at the moment, they look towards the day when you are again, and then they will build thier lives a little better than the year before.
Let it rain my friends, let in rain
Dan :)

Ashamed said...

We tried to tell our selves that we have enough of our own financial troubles after our adoption from Kyrgyzstan. As we looked through your blog we saw the face of our son in the children you are helping, then saw you delivering vitamins to the orphanage our son came from at a time he was there.
We will be doing what we can to help.... Thank you for caring for our children before we even knew them.

don said...

Tell me how I can make a committed monthly contribution to the work. I care not where it is directed, be it a glass of milk for a Kyrgy child or for a glass milk for your own children. Truly they are one in the same, for without your own sustinance, there is nothing left of you for the Kyrgi children.

I was moved to tears by your presentation in Quebec. I think maybe it was my conscience or perhaps the joy.hhhm thinking now it was both as I looked into the eyes of those you serve.

An investment in your family is an investment in the lives of these children.

You Rock!

brother don