Friday, September 05, 2008

Concerns Mount

This is such a scary thing and with each new fall morning we are one day closer to winter!

Reports are starting to come in from many of the agencies that we work with in Central Asia, and the response is always the same ......Fear. Here is a letter from one of the Girls we work with in the capital city. She is in her early 20's and has left her home in the US and has spent the last 4 years in the capital city volunteering with those in need . ( she too works with our friend Jengish)

Hey John,
This power issue or lack of it is huge it effect's everyone.Even those of us who live in pockets that the lights are always on it still touches us all.Small shops that sell food that needs to be in kept cool to the traffic lights on the busy streets to the widow who wonders how she will heat her home this year.This is such a scary thing and with each new fall morning we are one day closer to winter.
Please, pray.....John,I'll pass the request to those on my team that are hands on with the Cow project.
Thanks, for your partnership.
Your friend

Ok maybe it is just me, but as I read this, I get to the part about the Widow who wonders how she will heat her house this winter, and my nose starts to hurt...... The name of this blog is actofkindness Missions 1:27
that is taken from James 1:27 that says that pure religion is to look after the Widows and the orphans in their need....

As we get our heads around what we can do to help, please pray for the governments involved , that this winter would not be as harsh as last , and wisdom for the workers there as they face this incredible need.

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David and Jayne Schooler said...

What a powerful statement, with each fall day, winter is closer. It is like a looming storm, many won't talk about. We look at the faces of the children and older people with grave concern....please take this critical concern to brothers and sisters for prayer ...we are praying about what small thing we can do after we return home