Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Will to Over Come

I Can't begin to describe how hard it is to work with kids that have faced terrible situations in life.... sometimes life is just not fair. The fact is that we live in an un fair world..... but you never get used to it... Anya that over sees the sponsorship program in Central Asia is one of those people that carries her heart on her sleeve... I can only imagine how she has been feeling this week.
Two new children arrived at the orphanage. One of them has just gone through incredible loss... Her mother died when she was three, and she never knew her father. She had been living with her uncle until a short time ago when her Uncle will killed in front of her, leaving her with no one. All alone with the threat of the killer coming back to make sure she does not talk.
No sooner was she brought to the orphanage, than the police caught the suspect, and she has had to go to identify him... Anya was able to try to comfort her the best she could... They brought the two new girls and Becktagool , one of the other children from the orphanage that has faced trials of her own , back to the apartment for the night. They also did a little shopping therapy... we know that it will never heal the scars, but for a child to have that little bit of attention paid to them, to know that they are special... just to know that they are not in this alone is something that we can give them . Just when you start to think that life has delivered the final punch, these kids rise up with an incredible will to over come, and fool us all....

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Bree said...

Thank you for posting these details and photos. Your blog really makes folks feel as if they're there with you guys!
I will pray for these girls and those caring for them.