Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few up dates

Laurisa is here with some of the kids in the village as they fill there pails at the new water tap in town... No longer is there day spent hauling large pails of water from the main water source over a mile away.


More time for kids to be kids.. ... Then on to the Invalid home where she stops to play games with the men there... They now have Two activity rooms..... The donation which saw the latest room renovated sparked a desire in one of the local churches to get involved, and they now send workers over daily to assist in the operation of these activity rooms....Believe me .. not a Job that I would want... .. but one that is badly needed.
We also received word that Laurisa has received the paper work officially excepting her as legal guardian of the three kids off the street, and out of the dump. I love this photo of them not that they are working... not collecting silicone from the dump....
but that they are doing the type of work that is "Normal " for kids to be doing ... Helping with the dishes....learning what it is like to be part of a family....

This last photo is sent from David and Jayne... This is pastor Elenya ... Many of you will remember her as the single adoptive mom that started with teeth trouble that turned into
Cancer in the Jaw.... You the blog readers stepped up to the plate early on to help with the dental bill, and when things turned for the worse, you dug deeper and made it possible to proceed with treatment, and the removal of a tumor in her lower jaw.... ... You stood behind her.... Today she is not only back at work, she has just com pleated her Third adoption ... A 15 year old girl that is about to "Time out " of the system.... At 16 she would have faced life alone on the street.... Now she is facing a future of Love and compassion. She will have a forever family... Talk about a great investment...

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