Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where it all began

As you read through this blog, you will see that I focus on the work in Central Asia. But there is something that you need to know... Central Asia is only a stepping stone to MUCH greater needs... For years we have supported, and actually began our work in another Central Asian country. There the needs are astronomical.... Economic and political conditions make it difficult to share the stories, but that does not mean they do not exist... Thousands of children seniors and disabled count on the continued support of Possibilities International, and we count on the support of people like you.... Here is a recent report from Sam
This November PI is bringing two of our workers(sisters) from Central Asia and they will be visiting churches, friends and business contacts with the goal of raising the entire 2009 budget for PI's work there. We have a total of 22 staff in Central Asia that are making incredible impact in orphanages, with the blind, with single moms who have physically and mentally challenged children at home, with the homeless, with the helpless, with the hopeless, with the elderly.... basically wherever we can be a blessing and bring hope. As part of of month of celebration, visiting, and fundraising we are having a fundraising event on Saturday, November 29th at Freedom Church in Kitchener. It will be a night of desserts and specialty coffees....I hear rumours that there may even be a "chocolate fountain'! We will be having the "sisters" share about the work in Central Asia and we will be having a "live" and "silent" auction as well. To have this event be a success we need your help! Will you consider the following....- coming to the event (cost is $20/ticket)(if you are travelling a distance we can point you to a great motel)- if you cannot make the event would you consider making a donation? Go to this link and donate to the "Central Asia 2009" designation.- donating an item for the live or silent auction?Be creative with your ability to recruit/donate to sporting/music/art events...get your Uncle Ned to donate a brand new appliance from his nifty store....ask Auntie Hazel about having her donate a pair of air tickets from her travel get the idea I think. No donation is to small (we will use it for the silent auction) and none is too big....c'mon now...if you want to donate your yacht....we will take it. Here is the deal though.....keep your junk. This is not a Garage Sale.Our goal for the girls entire months stay is to raise $60,000. We need your help.If you need tickets call 519.578.9231. If you want more info or would like to donate an item please email Scott Couper at
This is an Event worth traveling for... You will be amazed at the impact that is being made, and you will be blessed to be a part of it... If you are considering flying in for this event, Let me know and I will meet you at the airport and will assist with all the arrangements once you touch down..... Look forward to seeing you there.

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