Thursday, September 04, 2008

Off My Game

This past week, I have been having a difficult time, and even today when Julie asked me what I was thinking I could not put it into words.
Since our very first trip into Central Asia, and in fact for years before we even started to go, there has been a constant... Paul and Roxanne Mondoux. They are part of our community, and have a family run Restaurant... already there was a bit of a connection as when I was young my parents owned a Restaurant. As long as I can remember, whenever I would go for a meal they would always ask "How are the kids" or would come over with an envelope and just say "For the Kids"
They did not do this out of obligation or for recognition, but because of a genuine care... Over the years they have impacted the lives of literally thousands of children, In fact, when you go into their restaurant, you will find more photo's of the kids on their Walls then I have on my own....
This last trip over, we decided that rather then putting their donations into general pot, we would set it aside for something special..... We decided that we would single out one orphanage.....the town orphanage for older kids, and once a week we would cook them an "Over the top " supper, and have a family night of games and crafts. We also took them on many outings as well.
When we got home, we got up early the next day and our very first stop was to go and see Paul and Roxanne... We brought them a small gift, but they were very busy, and we could not show them all the photos of the impact they had made this trip. Within the week, before having that opportunity, Roxanne passed away....
For me to go and see first hand the impacts that are being made , that keeps me fueled , but for those that put their trust in us to work on their behalf year after year..... Those are Hero's in my book.... Roxanne was one of those. It's funny, I always had in the back of my mind that one day I would see her over there.....
So in Memory of Roxanne, I will share some of the photo's I wanted to show her .

In Memory

Mrs. Roxanne Mondoux
Feb. 7 1960 - Aug. 28, 2008


Lisa B and Family said...

Remember that you gave her the gift of an opportunity to give. And that you honored their passion for serving good food and fellowship was particularly touching.
I am sorry for your loss and your grief.
Lisa B

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh you guys...I am so very sorry. I think that Roxanne would've been so very honored to have had such an immense impact in the lives of so many special children. Thank you for "introducing" her, she was a woman who practiced what she preached.

LaJoy Family said...


What I love about you and Julie is that you see yourselves as merely messengers, not heroes yourselves. Your family has provided a way for others to get involved, to offer what they can, to care about others. You have brought needs to their attention and others have stepped up.

From the way you describe her, Roxanne was a caring, loving woman who could understand that you can show God's love without being present yourself. Her trust in you guys was well deserved but still a testament to what we all can accomplish together. We are not all called to be missionaries, but we can support those missions and support means more than is prayer, encouragement, spreading the word of the missionaries work. Thanks to Roxanne and her husband, you felt supported and encouraged every time you walked into their restaurant. What you guys do is unique and wonderful, I think what is even more unique is you recognize that what others do in partnership with you is also unique and wonderful.

Thanks Roxanne and family for helping kids who have been forgotten. I am sure she passed knowing she had made a difference in the world.

Drew and Rita said...

John, we are so very sorry for the loss of your beloved friend and this wonderful benefactor to your children.