Tuesday, May 06, 2008

From Dump to Doma ...part two

Look back to fall of 2006 and you will see how this story began. Basically, we had hired this lady as night security for a work project we had in the village. When the project was over and the team realized that she and her daughter must now go back to living in the dump where we got them from, they decided that they needed to buy a house for them to live in..... and the "You're the One" project began ....Era has made such incredible changes in her life. Things have not been easy for her. She has lost a son and a grand daughter in the last 6 months , yet she has continued to stay strong .... and sober.... Today she gave us a tour through the garden that she has planted, and shared her plans to provide produce for the seniors and orphans in town.....

She has hardly anything that she really can call her own....yet she understands the James 1:27 call to look after widows and orphans in their need..... Well today...... things changed in her life.. watch this and see. It's a little long, but man is it worth it.

This was just one of our 5 stops for today..... I will show the others over the next couple of days as I have time to post. Tomorrow we have eight more stops..... please pray that tomorrow will be as powerful as today.


Marshaka said...

oh ya baby!

Hilary Marquis said...


smileysk8 said...

Made me tear up. Praise God for what He has done! Thanks John for being so willing to do His work.

Mint Man said...

Awesome!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing, from being part of the buying of the house in 2006 to watching the vision being complete.
God is sooooooo goood
I wish I was there!!!!!!
Thanks John for sharing that very special moment