Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time for a new coat

I was talking to Altyni a couple of weeks ago . She was so excited about school, and was thrilled to tell me about a job that she had. She will be teaching English and tutering at the town orphanage for older kids on the weekends. I told her how great that was and that she would be so great at it..( Did not mention that it was a scheme that we had cooked up with Daved and Jayne) I then asked how she was doing ... " Oh Great" , then I asked if there was anything that she needed ... She assured me that she was ok, then I asked if she had and winter clothes or a coat yet. .... We knew that she had none when we left... Well she had not wanted to say, but she did not. So when Lynn and Ruby , our friends from Lamb International headed over last week , they brought a little card over with them . We made arrangements with our friend Acel to take her shopping. It is Acels Birthday, so we included a little something for her as well. We also took them all out for supper.... just that we did not get to go ourselves..

Hi John Julie Emma Bekah! We few minutes ago came back from Traktir
restaurant. Thank you very much last two days were one of big days for us.
Yesturday Altinai and I went to the market to get clothes and we did .
Altinai got winter coat, sleeveless jacket and warm dress she liked everything
very much. Today after church after everything we went to have supper it was
wonderful. God bless you very much! I got coat and sleeveless jacket just like
Altinai`s soo we are happy, happy. Last night Aigulia, Beksultan, Aisaada and
Sabira were here and I gave them their cards from you . Beksultan was trying to
translate by himself I helped for others so they were so happy they were smiling
and disskusing about you after. Next Saturday we`re going to Turat`s birthday
with Altinai to
gether. Many many blessings.Love Acel

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