Saturday, September 27, 2008

Changing of the guard.

Well it is that time for our dear friends David and Jayne. They are due to depart Central Asia tomorrow. They were such a blessing to us while we were there... It did not take us very long before we had reached the point that Julie and I looked at each other and said that we are way out of our league here... we came to love the kids and to restore some dignity to the seniors... But as you saw, that was only the beginning.... But just as responsibilities began to ramp up, Jayne and David from Lamb International arrived... Between them they have such a wealth of knowledge and abilities, but what stands out the most is their incredible gift of bringing piece and order to any situation. They traveled with us a few times a week , when ever our schedules would permit. Together we found ourselves in some interesting situations, but When ever we felt the call to do something a little out of the ordinary or down right crazy... They were there to encourage us on. Those that traveled with us or had the opportunity to meet with them in Central Asia were blessed by their willingness to give of themselves. When we left, we handed off so much to them that we almost felt guilty and likely would have if they had not been so eager and willing to take on the extra load. .
As they are in the final days, they are making the rounds saying one last good bye to the many new friends they have made. They just emailed this update to us... I don't normally post letters whole , but as it is a report I will call it one last Report by our "Central Asia Special Guest Reporter" before her departure....

Please remember them over the next few weeks as they attempt to transition back to the US.

HI John and Julie,

Thank you for your incredible recent comments on the and your daughters are precious friends to us and used of God to open our eyes to raw and real ministry. We were at the home for invalid men yesterday and it was a surprising visit. That spirit of darkness has felt bright, clean....your room was very busy with men playing chess, reading and coloring. The TV was off, only because we couldn't talk above it. One man sang a Christian song...Larissa cried, of course. The doctor wants more Russian Bibles. The craft rooms (2) were bright and colorful and being prepared for the next craft activity. It was truly amazing!

We said our goodbyes for now to the town kids last night...ruby baked a cake and brownie feast! was precious.

Well, off to do the dirty work of cleaning and then packing on this last Saturday here for now...blessings, we will be in touch. j

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